The Wife of a Red Coat Colonel{William Tavington}

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Hello, my name is Isabella Elaine Tavington. I am half Creek Native American and Spanish. Living in South Carolina is hard because people call me savage or they give me evil looks. Benjamin Martin and his family treat me like a person and they even invited me to stay with them until my husband came back to get me. I work as a governess for the Martin family; Gabriel, oh, he is so helpful with his brothers when I can't handle them on my own. Margaret and Susan do not give me any trouble, they come to me when they need someone to play with or braid their hair. Then there is Abigail, God bless her soul, she is so very helpful too. She is the one who taught me everything I needed to know about taking care of the Martin children. Well, Thomas is a young man and Gabriel is becoming a man. Although, I worry that Gabriel going off to war. His father is trying his best to keep him from enlisting, but Gabriel is too much like his father. I only hope he and the Martins will be safe throughout this chaotic war. Little do we know, my husband will change the Martin's forever. 



I will be skipping the parts of the post rider and Charlestown.

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