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i've been in love with park jimin as long as i can remember. the first time i saw him, my eyes laid on him, he was nothing but just pure beauty and had a heart of gold, his eyes held the galaxy inside of them and twinkled as his hair glistened in the wind.. his smile though is what made me fall harder for him.. as it felt like an bow and arrow hitting my cold heart. His charm can make anybody fall for him, always respected his elders, tied a girls shoelaces and even bought a kid lunch because he had got his lunch money stolen, any kind deed you name it, he has done it all and thats what makes him the most liked/popular kid in our school, but his looks play the biggest part in that.

not to mention, every single girl is in love with the boy, walking past the hallways i always see him
get mobbed by girls like if he was an idol, opening his locker it was filled with love letters and candy, super flattered by them, he always ends up secretly throwing out the letters with no hesitation and just eats the candy.

only i know though.

but yet he has not a single clue on who i am.

nobody really knows who i am.

im practically the biggest outcast in the school so i just blend in like camo.

but these feelings have been lingering on me for as long as i can remember, and they only grow everyday .

stronger and stronger.

and since im practically anonymous.

it wouldn't hurt to confess.

he'll just see my message and ignore it, which will sting for a long time.

but i don't wanna hold back anymore.

i love you.
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