Chapter Two

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My eyes began roaming the streets as a few people walking by began to run into shops at the sound of a gun. It wasn't a normal sound that was heard around here therefore multiple people screamed and ran in random directions.

I, however, wasn't scared the slightest. Mostly because I knew that this wouldn't affect me. I was honestly just trying to find why I had been pulled towards this particular area at this time of day. I've only come here once before and even then, I had been alive. It wasn't as if I was lost in a world that I wasn't meant to be apart of, no, I longed to still be here. I longed for the feeling of someone's skin against mine, to hold the hand of a child, to see a loving face.

I longed for the face of someone that I knew, but I knew that was no longer possible. My family were now all dead, the last one dying not even ten years ago.

I stopped thinking as I came to a stop where the bullet sound had come from. I looked around for the one boy that I knew would be here and that was when I saw him. I saw him kneeling in the middle of the street, next to the body of a young girl who looked no more then eight years of age.

"Victoria! Come on! Get up!" His voice was strained, his hands placed on the girls side as if he was trying to stop something. When I walked closer I saw that he was trying to stop the blood coming out from a bullet wound in her side. The blood was starting the stain her white dress red, as well as the boys hands. He obviously knew I had walked up, seeing as his head snapped up as soon as I came near him.

I stumbled back as I looked into his face, it wasn't the fact that it wasn't the boy that I had just confronted the other day, no, it surely was him. The thing that put me off was that his eyes actually held emotion, his eyes told me about the pain he was feeling at that very moment. I felt as if this was a totally different person, but I knew it was him I had spoken to!

"Help us, please! I can't lose her! She's all I have left!" The boy pleaded, his voice cracking at the end of his sentence. My heart yearned to help him, but the only rational thing that came to mind when I saw him was to run. I just didn't want to be known as some sort of murder if I ran away at this very moment, I didn't want to be known like the man that killed me. I didn't care that even though this boy was the only one that could see me, if I ran away, people all around would start looking for a person that didn't even exist in their world.

I knelt down beside the boy, not caring that my dress had landed in a puddle. It wasn't as if it could get wet either way. He kept his grip on the girls side but I knew that wouldn't be enough, the blood was already soaked through her dress. I knew I had to get his mind over the fact that his sister was dying in his arms until we could actually get proper help.

"It's best to make small talk while in a crisis." I said quietly, my eyes moving around the streets, looking for any other sign of an actual living person.

From the corner of my eye I could see Niall nod faintly, as if he was also trying to get his mind off of his dying sister. "My name is Niall, may I have permission to know yours?"

I sighed, people still talked formal around here, even when they were in dire need of help. "It is Irene. What about your sister?" I already knew the answer, seeing as he had shouted her name earlier, but I didn't want him to know I had actually been standing there for that long. He'd question why I hadn't come over to help sooner.

"Victoria. You looked old fashioned, Irene, ya know?"

I tensed at this, I had always figured when I was younger that when people died, they would be able to choose new clothes to be dressed in as the years went on but that wasn't the case. It was as the legends say, when a person dies, they stay dressed in what they died in, the only thing that goes away is that peron's wounds. So anyone who could actually see me, which was no one until now, they wouldn't be freaked out by seeing a dead person. Instead they'd think that they're seeing another living human being.

"Yeah, my family is like that. We've been around pretty long you could say." I had practiced this for such a long, I hadn't noticed how much it actually hurt to say it. I think it was because I actually didn't have a family anymore, seeing as they were all dead while I was stuck here in this darn world, watching people walk around and talk with each other. I had no one but that was changing now, it was all actually starting to change.

"Wow, that is pretty cool. My and my sister are the only people alive in our family. Well, we have an aunt but she's like the evil stepmother from that old folktale, Cinderella. We didn't want to go there, so me and Victoria just stayed here by ourselves." Niall once again got a sad expression on his face, his eyes traveling to his sisters face. "She's all I have left. We lost our parents when we were really young but we've just always picked each other back up when the other was down. I can't let that stop now."

I didn't know what to say as I sat staring at Victoria. Her chest wasn't moving anymore and she looked as if she was sleeping. That was when I noticed that it was because she was actually gone. Niall could see this as well, that's why he was saying these things. I noticed the pain his voice held but I didn't understand why until I actually looked at Victoria.

"She almost died when we were young as well. . ." He trailed off, removing his bloodstained hands from Victoria's side. "We were out by the creek in the forest behind our house when suddenly she slipped and fell into the water. I didn't know how to swim but I didn't want my little sister to die that young. She had so much to live for. My father eventually came and rescued both of us. All I remember after that is my mother crying a lot whenever she saw us."

My heart broke with every word Niall said and I struggled not to cry. I barely knew him but here he was, telling me his life story because his little sister had just died in his arms. It was one of the most heartbreaking sites I had ever seen, I felt as if it was even more worse then my own death.

I didn't know what to think, I felt as if I just had to get out of there. Niall had the same thoughts, seeing as he stood up and picked Victoria's lifeless body into his arms. He turned his head towards me, a sad smile struggling to stay on his face. "Nice meeting you Irene. I'll see you soon, yeah?"

I just nodded at him, watching as he walked down the street. I watched until he turned a corner and was finally out of sight. I wanted to make sure that he got home alright, but then again, I didn't. I knew that he needed some time to collect himself.

Finally people once again started too go about their normal daily business, as if ignoring everything that had just happened. People passed me by, not sparring me a glance, well, how could they? They couldn't see me.

I shivered when a child passed right through my body before I finally decided to get up from my position on the floor. Not only was my chest aching, I wanted to know who exactly Niall was.

I wanted to know about his life, more importantly, I wanted to know why he acted as if he had no idea who I was, even though I had just talked to him the other day.


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