Chapter One

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I listened as the rain fell onto the streets in front of me. It was a relaxing sound and it had once again drawn me from my makeshift home. It was like I was in some sort of trance-like state and every time something that peeked my interest happened, I went towards that spot, oblivious to my other surroundings.

I don't think it was the fact that it reminded me of my first kiss or even the fact that it was calming and peaceful. I felt like it was the fact that every time I went there, he was there as well.

There always seemed to be a boy with bleach blonde hair standing in the middle of the street, his arms spread out wide as if he were some sort of bird. I always thought he would get hit by a car, but whenever one started coming down the street, they would simply just turn into the other lane and keep going as if the boy wasn't there at all.

I knew that wasn't it, I mean, he perfectly interacted with the other people I've seen him with, if he was dead, he wouldn't have been able to have friends. He wouldn't have had that girl with him that I've seen him kiss thousands of times.

He wouldn't have been able to do a lot of things, but one thing I was certain off was that this strange boy held some sort of power in him.

It was something I was drawn too and I couldn't help but question my sanity every single time I came across him. Which was basically everyday for the past year.

The only downside to everything that happened with this young boy was that he never made any move to come and talk to me, he never did anything. Once and awhile he would turn and just stare until his face formed into a goofy grin that I had grown to love.

I didn't know what exactly the emotions were that I was feeling because I certainly couldn't call it love.

Love was something that two people felt for each other, it wasn't where one person loved another. No, this was something much more complex and ultimately different.

This was where I was dead and he was alive. We weren't supposed to be in love, no, we weren't allowed to be in love. I knew the Gods would never allow such a move between us.

It would disrupt the peacefulness between the dead and the living, something that should never be messed with.

If this were to happen, a ghost and a human falling in love, surely the whole world would be destroyed. With the fact that thousands upon thousands of ghosts would be released into the world of the living and take over everything.

It didn't matter about the fact that ghosts were supposed to be invisible. If there were too many ghosts in one area, everything between reality and insanity was ripped away. That was why the dead and the living were forced to live apart. Only people who were either already dead or have come close to death were supposed to be able to see me.

That was why I decided to finally confront this boy on the rainy day of today. It was now Tuesday, March twenty-first of 1918.

I cautiously made my way over to the boy who was standing in the middle of the street, still yet to be hit by a car. It was as if he knew I was coming towards him and he head slowly turned towards me, his eyes gleaming bright with excitement.

"It's about time you've come out hiding, my darling Irene."

I felt my whole body go stiff, my heart began to pound ever harder then before and my ghostly trail seemed to grow even brighter as my heart rate accelerated.

Now, although I was a ghost, I wasn't sure why but it was as if I still had a heart. I mean, I knew I couldn't breathe, that'd be entirely ridiculous but even more so that I still had a heartbeat.

I guess all things need a heart to exist, even if they were already dead.

I finally felt as if I'd found my voice as I easily answered back but that didn't stop the crack in my voice and the fear that it held within. "How do you know my name?"

I had been planning to ask him different questions but the fact that he knew my named spooked me even more then I was letting on. Having a random stranger that I had been basically stalking for the past year know my name was extremely uncomfortable, and I needed to know why.

"Why, you're famous. You were part of the royal bloodline correct? Young, beautiful, and yet died at the young age of eighteen. Such a tragic way to end as well, weren't you murdered?" I couldn't tell if the glint in his eyes was a sense of dark humour or if it was the streetlight.

I knew that this boy couldn't hurt me, even if he tried but that didn't even seem to reassure me. I felt like that his power was much greater, that for some reason he would actually be able to make more then just eye contact with me. I felt like he would be able to physically touch me and that thought alone terrified me even more then him knowing my name.

However I couldn't disagree when he said my death was pretty famous. I had been killed in the early eighteen hundreds by a man that was supposed to be bestowed as my future husband. He was to wait until I was of eighteen years of age before the official marriage but because everything had been planned since my thirteenth birthday, it was already like he was my husband.

I had been stupid when I had let him into my bedroom that night, not even noticing the fact that he kept one hand behind his back the entire time until he had finally lunged. It had been exactly 12:01 when he had done that and I had been killed one minute after I had turned eighteen.

I hadn't figured that this boy would have known me from such a story, seeing as it was a pretty old one, but he obviously knew much more then he let on and I was planning to find out exactly it was that he knew.

"How did you find out about my murder?" I asked him, my eyes narrowing and I could see in his own blue eyes, that even if I narrowed mine, my brown eyes were still plenty wide and held fear inside of them.

I watched as the boy finally allowed his arms to fall towards his side and started walking towards the sidewalk. When I didn't follow he just turned and stood there, as if he wasn't expecting me to follow him.

I mean, I knew it looked obvious he had wanted me too follow him but I didn't even know his name yet and after my murder, I had always been frightened of males, even if they couldn't see me.

However, I was more terrified of this male that was waiting for my on the sidewalk, seeing as he obviously knew my name already and the fact that he could see me when no one else could.

I could already say that my silly little crush I had felt on him was gone as well, instead placed by a tight feeling in my chest. The feeling felt like it was tightening around my heart and I knew I couldn't stay with him any longer, I had to find this information out another day.

This boy was strange and I didn't even want to be near him any more, even when just a few hours ago I had been adoring him. I had adored the way he walked, the way he dressed and more importantly his face.

His face held a look of innocence and that alone made me swoon at the sight of him and I was sure that it did others as well. I had seen what happened every time someone went near him. They all just moved to the side, staring at the strange boy until he was out of sight, as if he radiated some sort of strange powers that just made people attracted to him.

I didn't think for a second as I vaporized into thin air, just wanting to get away from him, as fast as I could.

However, I didn't miss the laugh that came from his mouth and the look that flashed across his face.

It was the same look that my future husband had when he had killed me; it was the look of insanity.


Oh look, an update.

So, I decided that this story will take place during the older times and I surely hope you all like this as much as I do!

I again want to thank Megan, aka xBeautyRisesx for this wonderful idea because it wouldn't be here without her!

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