Part 10 ~ Boy? Girl? Both?

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- Time skip to 16 weeks-
Katie's POV-

"Morning Babe," I say to my hottie of a boyfriend, geez I still can't believe this. Chance Quinn is my boyfriend. Most of all, I can't believe I let myself move in with him. In his penthouse, in NYC!!! I feel bad that I left Tilly but she got engaged to Clayton or Charlie, or whatever his name is.

Today my Gender reveal appointment, which I'm super super excited for.

"Hey, sweetie! Ready for today?" He asks, hopping up from whatever work he was doing.

"Nervous, but yeah. These kids have been kicking like crazy."

"OMG, he says. We might be late if we don't leave ASAP!!!"

"Babe, chill. The appointment is at 1, and it's only 12:35!!! Crap, I slept till noon!!!! Hurry, up let's get going!!!"

We both rush to the entrance way, where there is an elevator. Luckily, it's already on our floor, all Chance has to do is turn the dang key to unlock the door.

--- At the appointment--

"All ready to see the babies?" Nurse Chelsea suits

"Yeah, they said today we could find out the genders." I say excitedly

"Oh, I see. Always the 2nd most exciting one, the first being the very first appointment & seeing them for the first time." Chelsea says "Okay, let's see if we angle it this way we can tell that Baby A is a Girl & if I turn the image this way Baby B is a Boy!!"

"A mini me & mini you." Chance says

"Yeah, our little perfect family." I say

"Okay, here are some pictures & a video of today's ultrasound." Chelsea says "Oh, and your next appointment will be at 20 weeks. So mid-march.

"Yay! I'm so excited." I say

Sorry it's short, but I promise the next chapter will be longer. In addition, I have named the genders!!! So, yeah. The next chapter will focus on names & a twist.

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