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(Chapter 10)Cuddles and first days

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(Chapter 10)
Cuddles and first days

Author POV

Jimin woke up feeling warm and comfortable, a sense of security surrounding him. He blinked his eyes open, the world was blurry but soon came into focus. He went to wipe the sleep from his eyes but realised his arm was stuck.

He turned his half open eyes to Taehyung who, it would seem, had curled himself around Jimin like and overgrown octopus. His arms wrapped loosely around his waist and his legs tangled with his. He could feel Taehyung's steady breathing against his collar bone.

He realised he could feel another person's presence behind him. Yoongi wasn't plastered to his back like Taehyung had to his front. But he was close enough that Jimin could feel the heat radiating from his body. But he felt a soft presence against his hand. Looking down he noticed while Yoongi had one hand trapped between his thighs in his curled up fetal position the other was holding his hand loosely.

Jimin pulled his hand out of Yoongi's slack grip, not noticing the frown that appeared on the rapper's face. He worriedly touched his scent gland by his neck bringing it to his nose he sighed with relief when he couldn't smell his blueberry scent. But he knew he would have to top it up soon.

He began the lengthy process of untangling himself from the octopus grip of Taehyung. Carefully not to hit Yoongi with his wings in the process as he inched his way out of the younger Alpha's grip. Taehyung whined, Jimin quickly grabbed his pillow and shoved it gently into Taehyung's grip. He brought it to his chest much like a child with a beloved toy. But he still had the frown on his face.

Jimin tucked his wings into his side as he exited the blanket fort. He rushed about the room, grabbing the essentials: Shampoo, bodywash, wing dye, scent blockers, heat suppressants, towel, clothing and everything else required for his morning routine.

He quickly checked his phone, leaving it charging on his beside table after checking the time - 5:30am they were scheduled to leave at 6:30 am. No one seemed to be awake yet. So Jimin took first claim of the bathroom. He quickly dealt with all his omega business, feeling a sense of relief when his wings were back to their calm blue colour and his scent blockers were doing their job.

The scent blockers pills lasted for 24 hours as did the heat suppressants. So he wouldn't have to worry about them for the rest of the day. He sometimes applied the jell like cream to his scent glands on particularly hot days when he was more likely to sweat and sometimes that could  allow a trace of scent to be released. He trekked back into his room, checking the weather on his phone. It was going to be a mild day so he wouldn't have to worry about carrying the jell with him.

The time now showed 6 am. They needed to be a the studio by 6:30 am. They were going to be late and no one else was up. Jimin decided he would have to wake up the rest of them. He decided to start with Namjoon. He was the flock leader and would be best to wake up first. He seemed to be the most organised of the group.

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