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Pen Your Pride

Louis Tomlinson Imagine (dirty)

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Imagine you were laying in bed watching movies, you weren't really feeling well because of this cold you have had for about a month now. You were currently watching "Finding Nemo" which was the first movie you and your boyfriend Louis ever watched together. You curled up into your blanket as tears came into your eyes and falling down your cheeks because you missed him so much.

At the end of the movie there was a knock on the bedroom door, you paused the movie and yelled "come in!" And as the door flew open there was your boyfriend, Louis standing there looking as cheeky as he did when he left. You unwrapped the blankets from your body and jumped and hugged him. "If I had of known you'd be home today I would have bought you something" you said quietly enough so he could here it. "It's okay, love. We can do something better instead." He said kissing me. The kiss got really heated and he layed you down on the bed still kissing you and slowly starts tugging at your pajama pants and pulls them down. Soon enough the both of you were naked.

He was sucking your clit and flicking his tongue in and out of your vaj making you moan loudly. Then it was your turn. You started slowly stroking his dick and then pumping it slowly. Then you picked up the pace a bit. And just before he came you let go and started sucking him instead making him moan in pleasure.

"Okay, my turn again!" He said, he lifted you up and put you back down on the bed, giving you no time to adjust he slammed his dick into you making you scream. You wrapped your legs around his waist so he could go deeper. "Mm Louis f-f-faster!" You moaned out, he did as he was told and then you both climaxed and he collapsed beside you.

"That was by far the best welcome home gift I ever recieved" louis said looking at you. "I know, let's do that a lot more often." You said smiling. And for the rest of the day you guys cuddled up and watched Disney films.

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