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Pen Your Pride

Liam Payne Imagine (dirty)

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Imagine that you were getting ready to head out to your fiancé Liam and yours engagement party. He recently asked you to marry him and so this ment that you needed to throw a party to celebrate, you decided that you would wear your skin tight black dress that was strapless and leather and you added your favorite black heels. You straightened your hair and put on some black eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. You grabbed your phone and wallet and headed down the stairs to meet Liam outside. Your parents had already left so you locked the door before heading out.

"Good evening babe. You look stunning!" Liam said smiling at you, you loved the sound of his strong British accent it made me smile. "Thank you Liam, you look amazing too if I do say so myself." You replied. He smiled and kissed me on the cheek. You were so excited for tonight. And the rest of your guy's lives together.

After you get there you guys are greeted by your families, the other boys, and some more close friends. You go in and sit down and wait for your food to come. Since Liam pretty much planned it with the boys except for decorations which you did with the help of Perrie and Eleanor.

When you guys got done your food you decided to have a few drinks or so. You were a bit tipsy and stumbled over to Liam and said "Liammm look at meeeeee! Heheheh" and you just about tripped over your own feet trying to get to him. "(Y/N), are you drunk?" He said looking at me, he looked completely sober. "NO I'm not drunk but I am....s-sober." You manage to get out, he rolls his eyes and walks to the microphone and pronounces that they were heading home. He picked you up bridal style and carried you out to the car. "Liam baby. I have to tell you something." You say, "what is it babe?" He ask. "I love you!" You say smashing your lips to his. "Baby, I love you too but we can't do this here. Can you wait until we get home?" He says, you make a pouty face and say, "I suppose I can." And he puts you in the passenger seat and fastens your seatbelt and gets in the drivers side and drives back to his flat.

When you walk into the building Liam was walking behind you making sure you didn't fall. There wasn't a elevator in the building so you had to take the stairs. He was behind you holding your waist supporting you so you didn't fall down. When you got to his room you walked in and he walked in after closing and locking the door behind you.

You walked into the bedroom while Liam went to the washroom when he walked in you were changing into your pajamas. You put on a pair of short spandex shorts and a speghetti strapped tank top but before you could put your tank top on Liam came in and hugged you from behind. "Babe that looks better on my floor." He said taking it from your hands and throwing it on the floor. You could feel the bulge in his pajama pants grow which made you smile. You were only in your push up bra and your shorts at that time, then you turned around to see a shirtless Liam Payne behind you. "Yeah and you wanna know what else would look good on the floor? Your pajama pants and boxers." You say winking. You could see the bulge growing bigger then you walk up to him and pull his pants and boxers down throwing them with your tank top. Then he came up to you cornering you and smashing his lips to yours and slipped one hand around the elastic of your shorts and pulling them down.

The way he was standing infront of you parcially naked made you wet. The he got to your underwear and slowly took them off and kicked them over. Then he carried you over to the bed kissing every inch of your body possible.

"Mm Liam." You moaned out. At that point he was sucking and licking your clit. You felt him smile as he moved up to your lips kissing you lightly as he put his tip at your entrance and moved in slowly until all of him was in you and then he was moving faster and faster then he slowed down a bit, you felt him twitch inside of you and felt his warm liquids fill you. He fell beside you pulling the blanket over the both of you and cuddled for the rest of the night before falling asleep..

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