Chapter Two

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~Ammy's POV~

After parking my car in the small parking lot of the café, I walk towards the front. Rummaging through my handbag , I get the key and unlock the door.

Pushing the door open, I take a step further in.

Although the café isn't that big, atleast it's in good shape.

The exterior is painted royal blue,with the name of the café written on the very top which reads " THE GRIND". The interior is warm and cheery ,with bright lights and colourful walls. Grey stone floor,round wooden tables and ulrick accent chairs.

Taking my phone out of the bag, I dial Danielle's number. She picks up on the first ring.

"Where the heck are you? Get your ass down to the café right now", I say through greeted teeth.

"I'm on my way, sorry, I lost track if time I guess",she answers flatly.

"Please hurry up okay"

"See you in a few",she says.

Just as I was about to put on my waist apron, Reece swungs the door open,followed by her nanny Kelsy.

I've known Reece for quite some time now. Believe me when I say,she COMES EVERY SINGLE DAY to the café. She's so sweet,pretty and smart. What an angel.

"Ammy",she calls out while running to me.

"Well hello there sunshine,how are you?", I ask while embracing her in a tight hug.

"I'm good,how are you?",she asks grinning widely.

"I'm doing..., I get cut off by a heavily panting Danielle who pushes through the door and slumps down on the chairs.

"I never ran so fast in my life",she mutters to herself. "Oh and,hey guys",she says.

"Hi Danny(short for Danielle), I'm glad you finally made it", I say.

"Yeah whatever Ammy",she says while making her way behind the counter.

What's wrong with her?

"Kelsey,sorry,how are you?"

"I'm okay,you good?",she asks

"Uh-huh, I'm doing just fine, thanks for asking", I smile at her.

Turning to face Reece,"So,what would you like to have today? The usual I presume? I ask her

"Yes please",she nods.

"And, Kelsy?"

"I'll have the caramel machiato with extra milk",she says.

"Okay, coming right up. Please,do take a seat while you wait", I say gesturing to one of the tables.

I walk behind the counter where Danny was busy switching on the coffee machines.

"Care to tell me where you were?"I ask with a raised brow.

"Well", she says then clears her throat,"I went for a walk".

I bite my lower lip to contain my laughter,but end up failing .

"You...take a walk?", I ask between chuckles.

"No",she blurts out. "I mean,yes. Its just... Nevermind".

My laughter soon dies down.

Lifting her chin up,"Hey, what's wrong?", I ask.

"I broke up with Randell",she says as tears stream down her face. I quickly pull her in for a hug.

"I went to his apartment this morning,and found him making out with some girl",she says between sobs.

"Shhhh, I'm so sorry. You know what, he's such a douchebag, dipstick, bonehead,mouth breather ..."

"Okay ,okay I get it. He's an ass",she snickers. "Its just, I never thought he'll cheat on me. To think we'll get married one day" ,she says.

Marriage? Nah, I'm good. Men are all the same,right?

Placing my hands on her shoulders, I look her in the eyes," Aww,you really were into him huh? "

She nods but frowns.

"You're very pretty, smart and still young Danny. Although you can be a shovel in the ass sometimes", I say.

"Thank you,and no, I'm not",she chuckles lightly.

"On a serious note,you deserve a man who will love you abundantly and only has eyes set on you. Please don't let that fool bring you down", I say.

"Thank you, again Ammy. What will I do without you? But,stop wasting time on me and attend to Reese,plus," she points to the door ,"we've got customers coming in".

"Right, almost forgot we at work", I say.

After making the caramel machiato and tea, I place a croissant and soft pretzel on a plate.

Spotting were Reece is sitting, I walk towards their table.

"What took you so long?" she pouts.

"Forgive me please", I say while placing the plate and tea infront of her and do the same with Kelsey's coffee.

"I forgive you",she says.

"Good,now eat up. I'm going to attend to other tables now okay", I say while pushing a strand of hair behind her ear.


Walking to the table next to them, I take out my pen and my order book from my aprons pockets.

"Good morning ma'am,what will you like to order?", I ask politely with a beam.

"Good morning dear, I'll like to have the french vanilla and two blueberry buttermilk muffins please",she says in a soft voice.

I scribble the order on my server book,"coming right up ma'am".

I attended to two more tables before going to prepare the orders and finished serving them.

"Ammy", Reece calls out while gesturing me to come to her.

"I see you've finished your food, you're such a good girl", I cooed.

"The pretzel tasted even better today",she grins.

"Uhm Ammy,we have to get going", Kelsey says.

I've come to learn that she doesn't talk much.

"I promise to come back tommorow", a cheerful Reece says.

"Yes,we sure will". Kelsey says while taking Reece's hand in hers.

Reece gestures me to crouch down. She then places a simper on my cheek.

Awestruck I tell you. That totally caught me off guard. Man, I love this kid.

I hug her and kiss her on her temple," bye sweetheart,do take care of yourself for me", I say.

"Bye Ammy,do take care too",she says with a smile on her face.

Kelsey simply smiles and waves me goodbye.

Sighing, I get back to work.


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