3: to bond or not to bond?

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We drove for a while until we got to a street with massive beautiful houses on each side of the road.

"Woah, these houses are huge" I exclaimed with wide eyes as I surveyed the houses we drove past.

"Good old Clyde hill" she laughed and turned left then parked at an equally huge duplex.

"That's yours?" I asked as I gaped at the beautiful white house.

"Yup" she replied and turned off the engine. I knew mum got a huge deal out of the divorce, but this house was crazy huge. It was way bigger than dad's and his was by no means small.

Before we left for New York when I was six, we lived in a relatively small apartment here in Seattle. Dad didn't have much money then, till we moved after he got this great contract that started bringing in loads of money for his company. Which in turn helped mum kick off her jewellery and bridal business. Since then, it was smooth sailing until their marriage crashed when I was ten.

"Come on honey. Don't want to be out in the cold" mum said and brought me out of my thoughts long enough to jump out of the car and carry my bags. I moved quickly from the driveway to the front door, to avoid getting soaked. She inserted her key, and the door opened to a massive open view space of floor to ceiling windows facing the patio and an oak spiral staircase leading to the bedrooms.

"Oh, wow mum! Your house is beautiful" I exclaimed, as I examined the dark leather chairs and fine wood of the fireplace.

"Our house Mel. This house is yours as much as it's mine" she said and picked up the bags I discarded on the floor.

"Yeah, okay" I said as I followed her up the stairs. We walked past two rooms and stopped at the third room on the right. She opened the door to a big room with a huge king-sized bed in the middle of the room, a walk-in closet that would fit all my clothes and still have extra spaces for two other people and a very impressive bathroom. The walls were grey and white.

"I hope you like it. We can re-paint if you don't like the colour" she said and examined the room with her hands on her waist.

"It's great mum, but I won't say no to a change of colours though" I replied sheepishly.

"Great. What colour do you want?" She asked, as she pulled the curtains open and revealed a beautiful backyard with luscious green trees and a great big swimming pool.

"Purple or lilac would be fine" I replied and walked towards the walk-in closet.

"I'll call Martha tomorrow" she said and walked to the door. I nodded and walked over to her then hugged her tight. Up until now, I hadn't known how much I had missed my mum.

"Thanks for having me mum" I said over her head.

"No Mel. Thank you for having me in your life again" she said and pulled out of my embrace.

"Toiletries and fresh towels are in the bathroom, if you want. Are you hungry?" She asked.

"A little" I replied and my stomach rumbled in unison.

"I'll order pizza. Pepperoni?"



Two hours later, the pizza arrived. Mum brought the pizza to the dining room and I set the plates. She poured herself a glass of white wine and poured me a glass of orange juice.

"Why can't I have wine?" I asked as I placed a slice of pizza on my plate.

"Because you're underage" she replied and took a bite of her pizza. I refrained from telling her that I used to drink wine regularly when I was with dad. I settled for picking the toppings off the pizza, and placed them in my mouth.

"You still do that?" She asked in fascination.

Do what?...ohh

"Uhm..yeah. Problem?" I asked. Ever since I was little, I had been picking the toppings off all my pizza and eating them before the actual pizza.

"No, not at all" she smiled and sipped her wine slowly. Delicate, beautiful, classy. Those were qualities one would use to describe my mum. Me on the other hand, I was the complete opposite. Despite the fact that we shared similar features such as our dark hair, brown eyes and facial appearance, we couldn't be more different. Where she was poised and classy, I was a disaster waiting to happen.

"So Mel, how's your dad.....and his girlfriend?" she asked and I didn't miss how her nose scrunched up at the thought of Janice.

"They're okay" I settled for the simple answer.

"Do you miss them?" She asked warily and rubbed her hands together.

"Not really. Then again, I haven't been here a full day yet. So I can't say" I shrugged in response.

"Right, of course. How silly of me" she said and laughed awkwardly. Silence followed the conversation and we started eating our food. Well I ate. My mum kept staring at me and made the whole dinner weird.

"Sooo....I'm going to bed" I said after I popped the last slice of pizza in my mouth and gulped down my orange juice.

"Already?" She asked, looking disappointed.

"Yup. Long day, with the flight and traffic" I replied and scratched the back of my head, before rushing out of the dining room.

"Melissa, wait!" She shouted, when I was halfway up the stairs.


"We need to talk about your little incident with the police" Dread filled my stomach at her words.

"Oh that. It was a misunderstanding, but don't worry dad already set me straight and I promised it won't happen again" I lied and hoped she would drop the issue and leave me alone.

"I hope not," she pursued her lips and tilted her head to the side before adding, "still you need to be punished. Shoplifting is no joking matter"

"Don't you think you're being too extreme? It was an accident" I sighed in frustration and ran a hand down my face.

"Absolutely not young lady! You're grounded for a week" she said. That didn't sound like much of a punishment to me, since I didn't know anywhere around here, but I wasn't going to tell her that though.

"You'll come straight home every day after school, until your punishment is over".

Okay....wait school?


"Well, yeah. You weren't thinking I wouldn't let you go back to school, were you?"

Err well, I was kind of hoping for it.

"Right, okay" I replied and rushed up the stairs.

"Goodnight honey" she yelled from downstairs.

"Night mum" I said softly, before I closed my door and locked it. I plopped headfirst into the very comfortable bed, but later turned and layed on my back to stare at the ceiling for a while. The overly soft bed lulled me to sleep after a moment. I tried holding out for a little bit longer before I succumbed to the darkness.


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