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I've never seen so many land in my whole life. Don't get me wrong, I've been in a lot of carriages before to take care of family business with my mom but I need to keep my picture perfect and sit still without moving my head and hands should be resting on my lap, above the heavy fabric of my detailed dress. But now she's not here and my body is leaned against the small door of the vehicle while my eyes appreciate the mesmerizing view. "It's just what a future queen does honey" she says everytime. Her words are full of faux sympathy and love. Her words have the same tone when she speaks to the people that follow her blindly : the court and small portion of reds in the city. The ones that live in extreme poverty but I get why they cherish their queen more than the small amount of money and food they place in the table at dinner to feed their kids, they have to agree with her or heads would roll. I want to change that.

- Miss Haven ? - the man pulled the strings that were attached to the two beautiful black horses making the carriage stop with a loud noise. He had a red piece of fabric around his wrist so everyone can now that he is nothing but a red meant to serve. He doesn't need the wristband for me to know the color of his blood : his back is full of bumps, his eyes look lifeless, his clothes are full of dust and some teeth are missing, the ones remaining are yellow like the flowers in spring. Life has been hard on him. He's a red for sure.

- Yes ? - I try to sound as friendly as possible but he doesn't seem to notice my sympathy. He doesn't forget that I am Silver, that I am above him and his people. His mindset about people of my kind is already made.

- We've arrived. - a hopeless smile formed on his face. He got out of the small seat and opened my door, helped me get out of the carriage and grabbed my suitcase. - You'll have a maid waiting for you inside. Have a good night Miss Haven.

- Have a good night Sir ?...  I don't know your name.

- Oh it doesn't matter if you know my name or not. I am nothing but a filthy animal for you. The gates are waiting for you Miss. - he disappeared in the shadows of the nearby woods. The carriage was taken by another man and parked in the hidden part of the mansion.

It makes me sad that he thinks like this but I can't say nothing or he'll tell the court and I don't want to die this soon, not before I paint my hands with silver blood so I can make revenge for my loss. I am the  killer of my own kind.

A bright light was coming from the other side of the gates and a lady, probably two years older than me was standing near the entrance. She was looking down to her feet. I entered the gates and her face lifted a bit, she had stunning brown eyes, her skin was tanned and her curly hair was on top of her head. She had the same red wristband around her wrist.

- Hi. - I said but she didn't answer me. She can't talk back I guess.

We walked  through the big hallways decorated with gigantic portraits of past royal members of influential families. I barely know half of them.

I heard footsteps rushing behind me and the maid, I turned my head.

- You must be Emraude Haven right ? I'm queen Elara, Elara Merandus. Let's see what you are capable... - her voice was rigid and stern. Since she was a Merandus her power is telepathy and mind reading. It kinda scares me, the thought of having someone inside my head, someone as scary as the queen.- Take Miss Haven to her room and give her the new schedule. Don't you dare to miss any of the practices, meal times or anything that I planned to do with the future queen and princess Calore. The other girls will arrive soon. Have a good night Miss Haven. - she turned her back on me and rushed somewhere else, always followed by four guards dressed in grey and red.

"This is a big deal." I thought to myself. " I can't mess this up..."

The silent maid showed me the room I'm destinated to sleep in for the next months of training and in the future, the room I'll stay if I am the chosen one, if she picks me to marry one of the Calore boys.

The bedroom had the colors of my house and an uniform was perfectly fold in the edge of the bed. A small window was open letting a small breeze of cold wind hit my face. It felt awesome.

I unpacked my things and I placed the training outfit and the black boots for tomorrow's morning in a chair covered with shinny gold velvet. Tomorrow is gonna be my first day, the real competition to the crown is about to start.

I got in my sleeping clothes and laid in the bed. It took me a while to fall asleep because of all the adrenaline and uncertainties building inside me.

{Next morning}

Three maids rushed into my from waking me up and making me jump out of the bed.

- Good morning. - I say rubbing my eyes and opening the window. Birds were singing outside and a black crow landed on the edge of the window.

They quickly undressed me and dressed my body with the black training outfit. I look like a killing machine with all of that heavy leather  clothes. "I am a killing machine" these words crossed my mind like a tidal wave. "I'm getting trained to kill my own kind without them knowing"

I thank the maids for doing my hair and make up and a surprised expressions formed in their faces. They are not used to be talked to. They said nothing.

I ran down the stairs even though I was not late yet.

As I was running down the long staircase I bumped into something, I bumped into someone, to be more precised. I lifted my head... I'm gonna get in trouble for this.

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