Chapter Nine

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You know when you twist your neck quickly and either the whole left or right side starts to hurt really bad to where you don't want to move it? That happened to me when I was heating up pizza. I'm one to over react when I get hurt, so I had screeched and fell to the floor dramatically. Only to amuse myself of course, but that didn't really help. I hit my head really hard on the corner of a counter and got a bad headache. So I didn't want to move.

I don't know how long I was on the ground, but by the time I got up, my pizza was cold again. I took headache medicine with my cold pizza and sat on my counter. I swung my legs back and forth and stared at the blank walls. I really should decorate them. Maybe paint, but my landlord would murder me.

As I took a bite of the crust there was a feverish knocking. I set the pizza down and jumped down. Whoever was at the door knocked again. I opened the door, finding a flustered Dan about to knock again.

"Are you okay?" I asked with a mouthful of pizza crust. My 17-year-old self would murder me.

"Yeah," he nodded, "Are you?"

"'m fine," I laughed, "Why?"

"You didn't answer your phone for about three hours."

"So you came over to check on me?" Dan nodded, "Thanks, but I'm okay. I just twisted my neck real quick, so it hurt."

"That's it?"

"Oh, well," I chuckled, a bit embarrassed, "I fell down, being dramatic, and I hit my head on the counter. But I was okay, I just had a bad headache. So I didn't want to move until about five minutes ago."

"You're ridiculous," he laughed.

"Well, since you're down here," I said, "And it's about a thirty minute walk back, why don't you come in?"

"Thanks," he said walking past me.

I walked in and showed him to the kitchen, "Do you want pizza?"

"It's five in the afternoon," he laughed.

"Really?" I asked, "Oh my god, I laid on the floor for almost four hours!"

Dan laughed harder, I pouted and crossed my arms.

"It's not funny!" I said.

"Okay, okay fine," he said.

I walked to my couch and opened my laptop. I scrolled through twitter and mindlessly started to tweet back a few people.

"So you have a YouTube channel?" Dan asked.

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