Chapter 1

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A gust of wind slipped through the cracks in the white wall, causing my small body to tremble. No matter how much I curled up into a ball, the cold would not stop seeping through the thin cloth draped over my body. The cloth was the size of a handkerchief. There was no way it could win against the relentless cold.

The wind seemed to grow stronger by each passing minute. My skin began to itch, perhaps from the overwhelming cold. It didn’t hurt much, but tingled slightly.

Even in such a situation, the expressions of those peering down at me was hard to read.

Their eyes were emotionless, as if they were inanimate objects and not living, breathing beings. It caused me great discomfort.

Why are you doing this? Help me! I’m hungry! It’s cold!

No matter how much I complained in my head, they could not hear my thoughts. Tears began to well up in my eyes. The bitter cold froze my tears, making it hard for me to keep my eyes open.

It’s too painful to bear.


In spite of myself, I began to cry loudly, but even then they didn’t stir. They simply glanced my way, before resuming their conversation.

“The Lord will be disappointed.”

“Of course he will be. His daughter cannot even manifest her powers.”

I have more or less guessed the reason why they have brought me here. If they were to maintain their family’s prestige, I could not be kept alive. If the children of the Delde family fail to develop their power, they must die.

How do I know this so well? As I grew weak and hungry, I recalled the contents of a book I had read in my previous life.

The Delde clan was one of the three most powerful rulers of the continent. The other two were Relotia, the knight clan, and Ardellos, a holy clan that uses divine power.

The Delde family did not have a good relationship with the two.

Their relationship was so hostile to the point where the two other clans gathered their strength together and sought out Hostamtam to defeat the Delde clan.

That's certainly possible.

Delde was a clan that wanted to awaken the sealed demon and bring the world into despair and grief. It was natural that someone would be against this. They did not hesitate to carry out rituals with sacrificial offerings, and condemned all who showed weakness. For that reason, the Delde clan was determined to attain only the perfect strength. Therefore, descendants from the head of the family were not usually seen.

Even if a descendant was to rise to the position of the head of the family, he wouldn’t last even a few years, because the neck of a member of my family was always in danger of getting slit.

During all that, I was born. It was all thanks to the strong, unprecedented mage of this generation: the current head of the family.

The first three years after he rose to the head of the family, he executed all the traitors. The next few years, he ensured internal stability.

After that, three years later, he took in a wife. The descendant from that woman was me.

But unlike the other family members, my ability has failed to develop. Greatly disappointed in me, I was to be abandoned by the head of the family.

Of course, I'm not sure how I'll die.

In the novel, it was written that the only daughter born from the current head of the family—the most powerful one ever to be seen in history—made no appearance at all, and had died before she was old enough to walk.

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