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I am now fucking taking a shower inside a mafia leaders house. A man that owns three crocodiles and i still don't know if the shoe had belonged to a person or not. Am I in danger?? Hell yeah.

Nervously stepping out the shower Jeongguk looked into the mirror and placed on a smile, this may help make me less nervous... nope I'm still nervous. Great. I cant believe I'm in this position right now. All of that hard work, and here I am. I hate this.

Drying himself down he had noticed that he didn't have anything to sleep in, well what exactly did he have? His phone, his wallet and the cloths that were on his back this morning. Ah how great it is to be in debt. While he was walking in circles inside the large bathroom, he heard a loud knock at the door and stuttered out a, "u-uh yes?"

A deep voice from the other side of the door could be heard saying, "open the door, you don't want to sleep naked now would you?" Jeongguk immediately grabbed the towel and wrapped it around his lower half before pulling open the door. In a I'mtotallynotnervous voice the younger coughed up, "ah thank you..." Grabbing the outfit from the male, he slammed the door speedily in regret. Great fucking job Jeongguk. You just slammed a door in whose fucking face now!!!????

He tore opened the packaging of the new briefs and gasped at how soft the material was. Looking at the back of the package he almost choked, "what the - $300. Who the fuck- oh whatever. I get kidnapped from my house early in the morning... but at least I get some nice underwear out of this." Pulling the briefs on, he got himself dressed and looked at the mirror. The shirt he had on wasn't perfectly fitted onto him, more like a drap, and the sweat pants? He pulled the waist band as tight as possible and wandered his way out.

The older male was already resting himself against the bed and had his iPad in his arms. Jeongguk walked a couple of steps towards the man but was frozen solid when Taehyung's eyes and his met. A smile formed on his face, the same from earlier this morning and nothing made him more uncomfortable than that face and his crocodiles. The older patted at the spot next to him on the bed that was left empty. Gulping quietly, the boy slowly went over.

While making his way over he could hear the small tapping of paws on the wooden parts of the room and looked over. Tannie. The younger sat down onto the bed and looked down at the puppy who was trying to climb up him leg. Feeling bad, he picked Yeontan up before he laid down next to the older. Well not exactly next to. He really tried to move as far as possible and even resorted to putting the dog between them. Yeontan the shield!

Chuckling at the youngers actions, Taehyung placed his device to his bedside table and ran his hands through Tannie's fur before mentioning, "I do hope you take good care of him. If anything happens, call the number I gave you earlier in the day. But don't use it randomly ok? Only bad kids prank call! Actually you are a bad kid hah... going into so much debt at your age... hmmm, anyways please only call that number if it's an extreme emergency ok? Maybe if you're dying... actually no, if tannies in any danger call me."

With his palms against his cheeks, Taehyung stared down at Jeongguk who had his back against the bed and was sweating bullets. With his hands still petting the puppy softly the older sighed once more before snapping his fingers allowing all the lights in the room to turn off.

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