The Necromancer | One | The man from the woods

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 T H E . N E C R O M A N C E R

O N E | The man from the woods

"honey," Trixy's mother said hesitantly, "you need to get up for school. It's your last day." At that, Trixy sat up in her bed with a sleepy smile on her face. The thought of today as the last day of eleventh grade motivated Trixy into action.

   Trixy stood up and walked to her closet. A warm breeze fluttered threw her open bay view window and ruffled her long blond hair. Trixy was giddy as she threw on the outfit she had picked last night; jean shorts and a boyfriend tee.

   There was a skip in her step as she heard the honk outside and she ran down the stairs. She was rounding the banister as she heard her mother call to her. "Trixy, honey, will you come here a moment?"

   "Mom, Heath is outside waiting for me!" exasperation leaked from her words as she rounded the corner and headed to her mother.

   "He can wait." Trixy walked into the den to find her mother writing another novel at her desk. Trixy huffed and crossed her arms in front of her chest defensive. Her mother looked up from her computer at her daughter. "Have you given any thought to the letter Oma sent you?"

   Trixy shifted uncomfortably. Yeah, she thought, I contemplated whether I should shred it or just burn the damn thing. Instead, Trixy said, "no I have not... because it doesn't matter what she wants from me, I'm not going to visit her." Trixy's clenched fists trembled in anger but Trixy's mother didn't noticed them.

   "Honey, you really should go visit her." Her mother's expression grew softer.

   Trixy's rage was bubbling over and she finally exploded. "Mom! She doesn't care about us. She didn't care about you when you turned eighteen and kicked you out. She didn't care enough to come to your wedding. She didn't care when I was born. She hasn't cared for the last thirty years, why should she just expect us to jump at her commands... and why should you want me to see her."

   Trixy felt bad when her rant was over but she wouldn't take back the words. They were the truth and her mother knew it. Trixy saw it in the grimace her mother gave her. Trixy walked out before she heard anything else.

   Outside, Heath was just walking up the driveway with the crooked grin on his face that she loved so much. "I thought something may have happened to you." he saw Trixy's angry expression and his voice grew softer and he finished his though half heartedly. "Or something."

   Trixy stormed over to Heath and clutched the front of his shirt. She looked into his dark chocolate eyes for a moment before forcing his face down to hers. Heath let Trixy kiss him possessively; he was used to her needy kisses and thought it was cute. She pulled away and Heath leaned his forehead onto hers.

   Heath waited for Trixy to speak; he knew that she needed to pull all her thought together. "They want me to spend the summer with my grandma." Trixy mumbled.

   Trixy had never talked about Oma to Heath. She never saw the need to bring up someone who didn't want to be a part of her life. Except now, it seemed that the one person she never expected to interfere with her perfect life was making a mess of it.

   Trixy fingered the locket resting on her heart out of habit as she looked up into Heath's eyes. Trixy saw the searching look he was giving her, all he wanted to do was understand her pain and carry some of her burden. Heath hated to see her in such a down mood.

   "She lives in Alaska... but don't worry. I'm not going to go. I don't want to see her. I'll stay here with you. They couldn't force me to go." Heath didn't say anything. He didn't know what to say, he never had a problem with his grandma. In fact, Heath lived with his grandma and loved her like a mother.

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