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[ Character Selection }

Alice ] The sadistic sweet tooth, has the inability to take things seriously.

Ray ] The walking book.. Gives up quickly, especially on life.

Emma ] Fast learner, with inhuman reflexes.. However, she's naive..

Norman ] The smartest so far.. But he lacks physical ability.

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{ P R O L O G U E }

Little Alice was 6-years old.. She had her head in the clouds, it seemed like a boring habit... But staring into the clouds is quite fascinating! You forget all the problems in the world.. It's like Wonderland.. Stars especially! Patterns.. Shapes.. Eating sweets and pastries, it all seemed too good to be true! It was such a perfect life.. Alice felt like she was on cloud9 until—

"Oi, Alice." A voice called.

"What do you want now, Ray?"

Alice groaned, looking behind her, seeing the one and only.

"Emma is talking with Norman right now, through the cup phone."

Ray replied, sitting next to Alice.

"Why don't you read that book of yours?"

Alice questioned, resting her cheek on the palm of her hand.

"You don't want me to hang out with you?"

"No, not really."

Alice laughed, laying on the soft grass. Staring at the clouds.

"I don't get it.. Why do you waste your time on staring at clouds and stars?"

Ray asked, laying next to Alice.

"Why do you waste your time on books?" Alice smirked.

"Anyways.. It feels like Wonderland! Like there's no problems in the world.. It feels nice, I like it."

Alice replied, closing her eyes, enjoying the breeze and quiet.

"Wonderland, Huh..? I think I've read a book on something similar before."

Ray sat up, as Alice's eyes sparkled in excitement.

"You have!? Where's the book then?"

Alice beamed, interested in books for once.

"That's actually the reason I'm here.. I have it right here, you wanna read it?"

Ray smiled, presenting the book.

"That cover looks phenomenal! I'm excited!"

Alice stared the book in astonishment, but Ray stood up and headed towards his tree.

"You still wanna read it?"

"Hell yeah! What's it called?" Alice exclaimed, walking beside Ray.

"It's called.." Ray trailed off.

"Finding My Wonderland"

. . .

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