"Yes!!" he screamed running and jumping into my arms. I laughed as he picked me up all of a sudden and ran away from Zayn. Aghhhh not this again!

Louis ran into the room where we had been watching the movie and everyone turned to look at us started to laugh.

"Give me my girl back Lou!" Zayn yelled from behind us, causing everyone to laugh even harder.

"Never!! Me and Courtney are going to fly away to neverland and you are not invited Zayn!" Louis yelled giving Zayn the death glare.

"OMG! I wanna meet Peter Pan Lou!" I screamed smiling. Oh come on, I love Peter Pan! He is my husband.

"PETER PAN!" Harry said in the weirdest voice possible as kate doubled over almost crying, she was laughing so hard.

"Liam! Niall! You know you could help me!?" Zayn screamed at them, still trying to catch me and Lou.

"Nahhh we're good." Liam and Niall said at the exact same time. Then they both yelled "JINX!" and broke into a fit of laughter.

"Hey!! Why didn't you ask me to help, Zayn? I thought we had a better relationship then that!" Harry pouted.

"I would've but I knew you would've of said no!" Zayn yelled out of breath, still running.

Harry opened his mouth to argue, then realized Zayn was right "true." Kate hit his arm playfully when he agreed and then laughed. Good for her.

I was still being carried by Lou piggy back style. My legs were starting to hurt. Just when I was starting to think Lou would never stop running... I was flown off his back. I started to panic but I felt my back hit the couch. At least he didn't drop me on the ground.

Thank god.

I laid there for a sec watching Louis run from Zayn as they headed for the kitchen.

"DON'T YOU DARE HURT MY FOOD!!" Niall screamed dead serious as Zayn ran through the little kitchen area of the bus after Lou.

Then Zayn stopped. I guess he had an idea.

I was right.

Just then, Zayn reached into the cabnet pulling out a bag of...



Louis not noticing that Zayn had stopped chasing him, continued to run in circles like an idiot. I watched Louis in silence as he was hit in the back of the head with none other than a carrot.

Louis froze and looked around to see what had hit him. Finally, he spotted the carrot.

"ZAYN!!" he screamed angry. Whoa I didn't think Lou could get angry. "No one..." he puffed "touches my baby carrots.." he glared " and lives."

Just like that, Zayn took off into the bathroom and locked the door. Smart boy. Lou ran to the door and started banging out it angrily.

"what the heck is going on!?"

Uh oh.

One word.


Paul was standing on the other side of the room, looking at Lou like he was about to kill him.

"Louis." Paul growled, Lou immediately stopped beating on the door and looked at Paul, wide-eyed and frozen.

"Who is in the bathroom?" Paul asked Lou.

Louis didn't answer him, but the bathroom door opened to reveal my amazaynly hot but scared boyfriend.

Paul stared at the two and tried to remain calm and asked "what happened?"

"Courtney did it!!" the boys both screamed and pointed at me.

Oh heck no!

I can't believe they just did that!

They are so dead.

My jaw dropped as Paul turned to look at me.

"Okay guys I know thats a lie. Courtney would never do anything bad." Paul said in a 'duh' tone.

"Thank you!" I yelled relieved and stuck my tongue out at the boys. Yeah I know I'm mature.

"But, I do know that Courtney would know whose fault it is that these boys are trying to kill each other... So Court, who did it?" Paul asked me.

I looked at Lou and Zayn as they gave me pleading looks.

Oh come on, I can't rat them out. They are my favorites.

"Liam." I stated.

Liam's head popped up from where he was buried in his phone on the couch.

"You're kidding right, Court? Liam is the responsible one." Paul gave me the 'you can't be serious' look.

"No, I'm serious, it's his fault." I said in the most serious tone I could manage.

Liam's mouth hung open in shock.

"She's lying!" he yelled freaking out.

"No shes not." Kate stepped in.

OMG, I love her.

"Nope, she's telling the truth." Harry spoke up.

"She's right." Niall grinned at me.

I swear Liam was about to have a heart attack(OW! I love that song!) as we all tried to keep in our laughter.

Louis and Zayn were staring at me giving me the 'thank you so much' look.

"Well, since you've never done anything before, Liam I won't do anything this time. But don't do anything stupid anymore." Paul sighed and went to leave the room. When he reached the doorway he turned back to say "and go to sleep guys, tomorrow we are taking the girls home."

On that note, we retreated to our bunks.

Kate shared one with Harry.

Me with Zayn.

Right when we were about to fall asleep, Liam yelled "I can't believe you did that court!!!"

**the next day**

I was sitting on the couch perfectly comfortable, daydreaming when someone decided to sit on me bringing me back to reality.

"Okay Santa, I want a pony, legos, and an easy bake oven!" Zayn said in a high pitched girly voice.

I laughed as I pushed him off of me, kicking him in his butt when he stood up.

"Hey!! Bad Santa!" he yelled back at me jokingly.

"My turn!!" Lou screamed and jumped on my lap. "Santa, I want a girl who likes carrots, a Lamborghini preferably red, omg! Like the big red bus!, and for Harry to admit his true feelings for me."

That made me laugh so hard that my stomach hurt. Dang, these boys are funny. I'm sure gonna miss them. Yep, we are on the way to my house right now. They already dropped Kate off and Harry has been crying texting her.


Just then Paul appeared.

"We're here."


Okay that was super long!!! I'm so proud of myself.

Love you guys!

Kate! Enjoy the turkey tomorrow until FB gets his hands on it!





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