Chapter 18

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Omg!! It's soo fun giving Kate the silent treatment. She freaks out!! Don't forget to read her story.. And you guys should be so proud of me, this chapter is going to be super long compared to all the others:)

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Chapter: 18

"Noooo! No! No!" Lou screamed jumping on top of me, pulling me into a tight hug. Trust me, I didn't want to leave either. But my mom would literally kill me if I stayed even longer with these boys.

"Lou, I don't wanna go either, but me and Kate have to. We can't stay with you guys forever." I said pouting. I was trying so hard not to cry...

I know it's kind of stupid for me even to be sad over this. I mean I've only known these boys for 2 days! But come on! It's One freaking Direction! You have to love them. Plus if you don't, you should be burned at the stake!

I'm only kidding.


Not really.

Plus, I have a boyfriend now...

Holy crap.


Just the thought made me burst into tears. Of course when I'm finally happy with a boy something has to ruin it. But I should've seen this coming. I mean they are a famous boy band for crying out loud, they are on tour too...

Oh my gosh, my life sucks.

Louis held me tighter trying to wipe away my tears. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Harry doing the same to Kate. At least Kate feels the same way.

Someone took Louis' place, comforting me while Lou started crying and ran out of the room. Awwww my poor boobear. I dug my face into whoever that was holding me's chest. I was greeted with a familiar six pack that I loved.


My Zayn.


His hand moved its way up to my chin, lifting it up so I could see those warm chocolate brown eyes that I adore. That I probably wouldn't see anymore except in pictures.

Tears started to flow down my cheeks once again as strong arms carried me out of the room. I kept my eyes closed until I felt a soft material beneath me and the warmth of his arms left me.

I was on his bunk.

The one we had shared the night before.

"Court, please don't cry..." Zayn trailed off staring into my eyes. He looked as if he wanted to cry too.

"How can I not? Me and Kate are leaving tomorrow and we probably won't get to see you guys again. I won't get to see you guys again. I won't get to see you again..."

Just then his lips were on mine.

This kiss was different than the others we had shared. It was slow and smooth, filled with a promise. A promise to never leave.

We broke apart, staring at each other with intensity.

"I will never leave you." He said before kissing me once more.

"AGHH!! Seriously? I know Courtney is leaving tomorrow Zayn, but does she really deserve to have her face eaten?!" Lou yelled at us. He was standing in the doorway with his jaw dropped. He looked like a normal but you could tell he had been crying since his nose was red and his eyes were puffy.

I pulled away from Zayn, trying not to laugh as he pouted. I jumped down down from his bunk, happy to of actually landed on my feet.

"awww is my little boobear jealous?" I asked jokingly turning towards Louis with my arms opened wide for him to hug me.

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