Chapter 6-Partying With My Alpha

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Chapter 6-Partying With My Alpha

Madison's POV

I find myself running through the forest again, but this time I'm not laughing. In fact, I'm terrified. I don't know why I'm running, I just know that I can barely breathe.

I continue to sprint, but I can hear whatever's chasing me getting closer. It's steps are very loud, and they are very precise. I can also hear growling every now and then.

I feel a few sweat droplets gather on my forehead and I try to push myself a little faster. Since I was on the track team at school, I'm pretty quick and I have a pretty good endurance. It also helps that my legs are so long.

Even with all of that, I still don't think I can outrun whatever is chasing me. I try to focus on the path ahead of me, but I'm really tempted to look behind me. However, since I've seen so many horror movies, I know that's the worst thing to do, so I force myself to keep running.

I make a sharp turn and my ankle twist awkwardly. I feel pain shooting up and down my leg, but I ignore it and continue to limp on.

I hear whatever was chasing me slow down a little bit and I use that opportunity to jump onto the tree that's closest to me.

I can't run anymore with my ankle. The pain is getting to the point where it is unbearable.

I climb as fast as I can, but I'm also careful so I don't trip. A fall from this height could lead to my death.

Good thing it's only a dream....

Why do I have such weird dreams all the time? Why do they feel so real?

Once I start to get really tired, I rest on the strongest branch I can find. It looks pretty sturdy, but I'm still kind of worried.

I look down, looking for my pursuer, but I don't see anyone. I frown and look around but I still don't see anyone. I'm not going to go down to check and see if they are out there. I think I'm just going to wait up here for a while.

All of a sudden, something starts banging into the tree. I gasp and quickly wrap my arms around the tree as tightly as I can.

The tree shakes lightly and I swallow harshly.

This is it. This is the end for me. I've lived a pretty long life. I just turned 18 a few weeks ago.

The tree shakes again and I look down to see a animal- I think it's a wolf- bare it's teeth at me. It growls loudly and I try to shrink against the tree.

He starts scraping at the trunk and growling at me. I gulp and look around helplessly.

The wolf, whose fur is a nice blond color, is huge, and I'm not that high up. If it were to stand up and jump, it might be able to reach me. I wish I could have climbed higher, but with my ankle, there was no way I could have.

The wolf is about to growl again when it's suddenly tackled to the ground. I gasp and watch as another wolf, a much larger one with brown fur, starts clawing at the blonds wolfs face.

The blond wolf tries to claw back, but the brown wolf has his paws covered. The brown wolf growls at the blond wolf, and it almost seems like they are communicating.

The blond wolf stop struggling after a few moments and he lays completely still. The brown wolf moves off of him and the blond wolf gets up. He looks up at me one last time before he turns and sprints away.

I look down at the brown wolf to find him looking at me already. He looks just like the wolf I saw a little while ago. The one that came after that pup I was playing with...

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