Hermes' Palace was beautiful. It wasn't too flashy and shiny unlike most of the other gods whose palaces where made of gold, silver, platinum, or even straight up jewels. Instead, His foundations and walls where sturdy and made of intricately carved wood and granite-with gold trimmings.

I decided to explore the palace after lunch since we had some free time. No one else was with me however, and as I looked at Hermes' pictures that decorated his wood paneled walls-I suddenly felt as if I was breaking some kind of rule by exploring-almost as if I was snooping.

Footsteps sounded from behind me, and I quickly turned to see a man around Luke and my age with Luke's same blond hair-it was scary how the sons and daughters on Hermes all were blond- studying an ancient Greek sculpture that was in the Gallery I was exploring.

He turned and smiled at me then pointed at the statue that I had immediately recognized as Aphrodite, only she would examine herself half naked for the world to see. "Beautiful Venus de Capua, don't you think?" 

Snorting, I shook my head and smiled back at him. "No, sorry but you're wrong." I examined the statue closer and nodded with my confirmed belief.

He rose a blond brow at me, surprised. "Really? How so?"

I walked up next to him and I looked at the statue with a kind smile. "Well, you have two things wrong with your assumption." I laughed lightly. "The wrong country and the wrong sculpture. The "Venus de Capua" is a Roman sculpture-this one however is an original Greek. Aphrodite of Melos."

He crossed his arms and smiled at me. "Oh? And how do you know that?"

"Notice how Aphrodite's face looks as if it is soft and extremely graceful?" I pointed at her carefully chiseled features. The boy standing next to me nodded and listened to me intently. "Well, the Greeks prided themselves on grace and beauty of things. Every detail of the goddess of love had to portray her character. On the other hand, Roman's were not as into the grace and beauty of sculpting, and if you took a closer look at the two of them you would notice that the Roman's Aphrodite-Venus-is harsher in her expressions and not as soft or graceful."

The boy nodded and grinned at me. "You could have just said that they were positioned differently you know."

I nodded and scratched the back of my head. "Yeah, that too I guess."

The man smirked and apologized, "Sorry, I purposely got the name mixed up-I was seeing how much you knew," He smiled at me, "You seem to have a real passion for the arts of ancient society-why is that?"

A sudden feeling of dread filled the pit of my stomach - it suddenly dawned on me that this man had a different air to him than the campers did; he expressed this aura as if he belonged. "My Grandma was big on the Greek and Roman cultures and she had minnie replicas of the ancient sculptures-I kind of just grew up with that knowledge in my head."

"That's good-I assume it came in handy when you had found out that you were special?" He smiled and looked around the gallery with pride. "I love this place it's good to be able to come here and think."

"I agree, it's relaxing." I stuck out my hand to him in a friendly gesture. "Olive."

He blinked down at my hand for a few seconds then let out a loaded laugh, one that seemed filled with a humor I wasn't picking up on, and shook it. "Sorry, it's been a long time since I've shaken hands with someone-Hermes."

Hermes. Hermes. Hermes. Hermes. Hermes. Hermes. That name echoed through my head for a while and made my stomach clench. I started to panic and wonder if I had said anything to disrespect him in any way. Oh God! I mentioned the Roman's at least a dozen times! Don't the Greek gods and Roman gods have some kind of hatred for each other? 

Shit! Shit! Shit! I am soo dead.

Calmly, I kept smiling on the outside, even though I was freaking out inside. "I-It's nice to meet you, S-Sir." I choked out.

He released my hand and busted out laughing, trying to keep himself composed, but failing, "Don't worry-I was not offended by you or anything, and I am not going to kill you for peeking through my house." He gave me a sly glance. "Which is against camp rules by the way."

"I had no idea!" I apologized. "I'm sorry-I didn't think of it as snooping or anything!"

He laughed out loud once more and clapped me on the back. "Calm down kid, you'd think I was Ares or something."  

I managed to control my heart rate and smile. Hermes' was not a bad guy-but why did I get the feeling that Luke hated him? "I should probably catch up with the camp members, we will start training soon and I can't be late."

Hermes smiled. "Ah yes, the old Mr. D's rules still apply even from where he is on Earth."  

Nodding, I quickly said my goodbyes and exited his palace, still lost about what had just taken place. I had shook his hand. A god. I shook the hand of a god, and, for some reason, it terrified me. Almost as if it was a vague and unknown warning.

I shook my head. What was I talking about? I was being a little overdramatic here, honestly. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair and looked at my wristwatch. I didn't lie to Hermes, I really was late and if Luke wouldn't scold me I'm sure another counselor will. Which makes me wonder if Annabeth is a counselor or not-that would suck for me...

I quickened my pace and tried to remember the directions that I had studied earlier that would point me to the training field on Olympus-being late is probably not going to get me in good graces with my god parent I guess.

I was so caught up in my thoughts I hadn't noticed a small girl approaching me until I had almost tripped over her. "Oh, Jesus-" I caught her before she fell and steadied her. "I am so sorry-I wasn't paying attention." I apologized and brushed her off-even though I didn't dirty her or anything.

She frowned at me and stuck her nose in the air. "Well, I would say that you weren't." 

She assessed me with her striking blue eyes and frowned a little, I looked her over as well and I assume she was around the ages of eleven or twelve. "Are you okay?" I asked again, just incase.

"Yeah, I am." She frowned and watched my movements quizzically. "What are you doing here anyway?" She placed her hands on her hips and looked around the deserted golden streets around us. "Shouldn't you be training?"

I frowned and nodded, who was this girl? Maybe she was a minor god-I would not be surprised. "Yes, I'm running a little late-a bad first impression I know." I smiled down at her small frame-she was pretty small for a pre-teen. "I'm Olive." I stuck out my hand to her and she looked at it for a long while before giving it a quick shake and dropping it once again.

"Nice to meet you." She smiled harshly at me and looked around us once more as if she was unsure of something. "I'm Mese. Can you help me?" 

I blinked a few times and looked back down at my watch-I was already pretty late-if I helped the kid out I would defiantly be punished and Mr. D would have my head when I get back. I sighed, knowing I couldn't just leave her unhelped-I did have a conscience. I smiled down at her and nodded. "Yeah, sure I've got time. What do you need help with?" 

Suddenly, the girl burst out into tears and she curled herself into a ball. Sniveling she managed to stutter out. "I-I lost m-my kitty, he i-is the onl-y thin-g I hav-ve from home be-before I was s-send t-o camp!" She shook as sobs racked her body. "I-I can't believe h-e-e just r-r-ran aw-aw-away! Plea-se, pl-eas-e help m-e find him?" 

This little girl was a camper? Gez, and she lost her cat-in Olympus?! I had already told her I'd help her find it and even though I knew I will probably miss my training session I can't deny a crying girl. I sighed inwardly and hugged the girl to get her to stop crying. "Hey, calm down-we will find your kitty. Don't worry!" I smiled and she looked up at me with total surprise and admiration.

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