Camp Tendaro

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"Alright everyone we've posted a list of all the Counselors and their designated partners for the next three months. If there are any problems between you and your partner please consult the directors and try to work it out. All training is officially over so make sure that you come to us with any questions or concerns you may have. The next week is to plan out your activities and decorations and chants with your partner. Now meet up and get to know one another!"

I walked over to the list with my cousin to see who our partners would be. I hardly knew any of the other counselors except for Kenzie and the few that had been in a couple of my training classes.

"I hope my partner is nice. We're spending three months together. What if he's a total jerk and I'm stuck with him for the rest of my summer?" I spoke nervously.

"I'm sure you'll be with someone that's fantastic. You'll probably get a super cute guy and then get married and all of your camp kids will be in your wedding and I'll be the maid of honor-" her rambling was stopped by me elbowing her in her side.

"You're a dork."

"That would be me!" She smiled with fake innocence. Finally we made it to the list on the wall and saw who our partners were.

Team Moana: Madison S. & Jay A.
Team Nahele: Kenzie H. & Peter H.

"I have no clue who those guys are," I whispered.

"Me neither," Kenzie whispered back.

"Our team names are cool though."

"Yeah! Moana and Nahele. What do they mean?"

"They are ocean and forest in Hawaiian. All of the team names are something naturey in Hawaiian." A deep voice said behind us. Kenzie and I turned and saw two guys both fitting the description of tall, dark and handsome.

"My name's Peter and this is Jay. I'm guessing you guys are Kenzie and Madison?"

"Yep! I'm Kenzie and this is Maddy. It's nice to meet you guys! I'm super pumped for camp and everything."

"Same! I got thinking about our team flag and...." Peter and Kenzie began planning different things for their team and I turned to Jay praying he was nice.

"So, we're the ocean. Any ideas?" I asked.

"I haven't really thought about it. In all honesty I was panicking about who my partner was going to be." He answered, chuckling at himself a bit.

"Don't worry, I was in the same boat. I'm so excited though! There are tons of things we could do with the ocean! Like each of the kids could choose a certain marine animal that they would be and then we could teach about a thousand different life lessons just by using analogies of the ocean," I suddenly realized I was talking at a mile a minute. "Sorry. I speed up when I get excited."

"It's alright, it was cute. I think your ideas are awesome! What should we do for our flag?"

We continued to talk and plan for the next few hours as well as get to know each other better. We had started on designing our flag and by the time that dinner was ready we had it mostly figured out with a rough sketch and the colors picked out. On our way to the cabin where the meals were, we met up with Kenzie and Peter and talked about everything we had been doing.

"Guys, this is gonna be so amazing! I can already tell that this is going to be the best Summer ever!" I squealed a bit and Kenzie smiled at my enthusiasm.

"Hopefully we all get nice kids. I'd hate to have a little she-devil in my cabin." Kenzie shivered at the thought.

After dinner Kenzie and I said goodnight to Peter and Jay and we went to our separate cabins. The camp set it up so that there were two Counselors in a cabin and two cabins, one to each side of theirs, for their kids. They had assigned us the cabins we would be staying in for the rest of the summer so I would know to decorate the cabin to my east. Jay and Peter were in the cabin directly south of us with the same setup.

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