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Cover Created by: @AnnaMS

There once was a guy. Who was cute to boot, and knew how to lie.

He wanted a girl who was hot to trot. He wanted smart, funny, with a soft spot.

So he went out, and searched all the bars. Looking for the right woman, who could send him to mars.

He approached a girl so hot she was on fire. Talking to her, he saw her flaw. She was an ugly crier.

Talk of her family made her go mad. She talked about cancer, and how it took her dad.

He grew bored, and found a way to sneak away. He wasn't too subtle, he pointed over her shoulder and when she looked, he didn't stay.

So he left the bar and went to a club. In search for a new girl, whom he'd fall in love.

He got to the club and scanned the place. Looking around, he spotted a girl, with the most beautiful face.

He went up and said, "hello my name is rich". They started to talk and then the girl started to twitch.

She suffered from conversion disorder, which kept her from staying still. The more the guy talked to her, the more he felt ill.

He thought to himself, "she's a health nightmare" as he frowned and stared. She was a beautiful girl, but her stress made her impaired.

So the guy just turned away and rudely left her alone. He didn't care how she felt. He was sick of this night and wanted to go home.

The guy hopped into a cab, after he left the club. On the way home, he felt like he would never find love.

The swerving and shaking of the cab was weird. The guy looked at the cabby. He was a big man, with a scruffy beard.

The cabby was acting funny, mumbling and such. The guy soon found out, that the cabby didn't like to be touched.

The car started to swerve and go out of control. Suddenly it spun, as the guy had nothing to grab a hold.

The car finally stopped in the middle of the street. Then a truck smashed into the cab, squeezing both men in from head to feet.

Awaking in a daze the guy looked up. He saw a familiar face. It was the woman who cried like a newborn pup.

She was wearing a blue paramedics coat. She was tending to the guy, and making a medical note.

The guy suddenly came off the ground. He was up and Emergency room bound.

The guy lied there, staring at the girl. He thought to himself, "This is a bad coincidence. How in the world?"

The next day, the guy awoke in a daze. He opened his eye's and he felt frustrated, but truly amazed.

He awoke to see the twitching woman standing at his hospital bed. She was wearing a white coat, with a name tag that said, "Mariana Hoffsted"

A coincidence was an understatement, to this guy. Life has thrown him a curveball, and he didn't know why.

Never judge to quickly. You never know who someone truly is.

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