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My name is Nathan Willis. I am in class 11B of bronze Academy.

I was about to head home from class since my muscles were begging for rest because of today's basketball practice. It was very tough but one particular teammate of mine caught my attention, Michael Sparks, his shoots show a lot of precision and his layups are amazing but his built is too muscular for a simple basketball player and he isn't the only one who seems to be abnormally strong and muscular, guys like Leonardo dare from 12C, he scored the highest percentage in history.

I wonder if I'll ever get a good score in history

I mean I just don't get the point of knowing the past and I am incapable of understanding it.

I don't know them that well but we hung out with each other a couple of times plus Leo is my neighbor.

As reached near the badminton court I saw Calvin and decided that I should talk to him about tomorrow's practice schedule.

'Hey Calvin,' i called out.
'Hey, what's up Nate?'
Again with the nickname, honestly, I stopped correcting them it's just too much.
'It's about tomorr-'
I was cut short by the new transfer student, lily.
'Hey, Nathan can I talk to you privately?' she asked me while eyeing Calvin.

Oh Great! (Note the heavy sarcasm.)

'Sure.' I answered and turned to Calvin and said 'I'll talk to you later.' He just nodded in response.

Then she started dragging me towards the sports shed. I knew why she wanted to talk to me, she was probably a fan and wanted an autograph, like most girls since I'm the captain of the basketball team. Honestly people like her make me regret being captain.

As we entered the shed I got a feeling of déjà vu washed over me as I saw her stiff figure and familiar pace moving in front of me.

When we were in the shed, she went to one of the shelves and started to look for something.
'So.......' I trailed off.' what did you wanna say?'

Suddenly she turned around so quickly I was surprised she didn't get whiplash, her eyes glowing red In the dark and dingy shed sending a chill down my spine. I slowly backed away and got a hockey from a shelf near me, my breathing became harder.

Then she snarled showing long pointed canines and within seconds she pounced on me pinning me to the floor I screamed in pain as my head hit the hard concrete floor, I tried hitting her with the hockey stick but ended up breaking it. She then pinned my wrists.

Her nails (or her claws I should say) were digging into my skin.

She started whispering something in a foreign language that sounded somewhat ancient, and the craziest thing was I could understand some of it.

'Peace or destruction..... ...the master's order... ...death... ....rivers of blood....' i felt her grip tightening at every word till my hands were numb, my vision blurred.

My sight started fading into darkness the last thing I saw was a pair of empty silver eyes coming towards us with a long pointed object then everything went black.

My eyes slowly fluttered open to be met with bright blinding white light, I took a few seconds to adjust my eyes to the light. I looked round to see that I was in the infirmary. I wiped off the drool from the side of my face.

How did I come here?

'I see you're finally awake.' A voice spoke behind me which caused me to jump a bit. I turned around to see who it was and came face to face with miss(or nurse) Kelly.

It wasn't the first time hallucinations like those happened.

'I'm sorry if I startled you.' She says in a calmer voice.

'Was it the hallucinations again?' She asked her light blue dull with concern.

I nodded slowly and sighed. I could believe that these all were just mere hallucinations, they seemed so real and the injuries...... they said it was me who hurt myself during the hallucinations and they only happen to me when I'm alone for some reason, they say it's my imagination turning my fear and lonely into characters. They said it was related to Schizophreniform.

I definitely don't know why it's happening since my physical and mental health is in perfect condition according to the tests, so it just doesn't make sense.

'I'll change your bandages and then you can go.' While grabbing a brand new roll of bandages and started cleaning my wound, winced in pain when she first applied the antiseptic.

'Thanks, nurse Kelly.' I said

'Sure, no problem kiddo.' She said

Nurse Kelly was really sweet, she tends to me whenever I get these so-called "hallucinations".

After she redid my bandages I once again thanked her and took my leave.

As I left the school I felt eyes on my back but shrugged it off since it happened every day while I walked home.

I reached my apartment and inserted the key into the keyhole and twisted it to hear a click as the door opened.

My apartment wasn't much, it was a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom flat, not much but home and way better than my grandma's house. My bedroom was a mess with a cluttered study table and clothes laying on the floor and bed.

I should really clean up.

I went into the bathroom and removed my shirt and studied my body.

Hmmm......I think I should work out more if I want to get better at basketball

I do have a secret no one knows, I have wings(and no not the metaphorical kind). As hard it is to believe this but it's true, I can make appear and disappear on command, they are fiery red resembling the ones of a Phoenix. When they appear my blonde hair turns red near the ends.

I've never been too close to anyone because of them even though I'm considered as "The popular guy" in school.

I made them appear in a burst of flames and extended the one on the right and started tracing it with my eyes. Of course, I couldn't fully see them since:
1. My mirror was too small.
2. They were 5 feet each.
3.and the bathroom big enough for me to fully spread them out completely.

They disappear as feathers turned into flames and faded away, I let out a deep sigh and made my way out of the bathroom into the bedroom

I went to the kitchen and got a packet of cheese and went to finish my physics and geography homework.

The God of chemistry is frickin evil, why in hell(or should I say heaven) would you make it so difficult.

Once I finished my homework and the packet of cheese balls I decided to go and get dinner from KFC. I put on a long-sleeved grey hooded sweatshirt with light blue jeans.

Once I left my apartment I saw my neighbor Leonardo leaving his apartment in a hurry, he turned to me and offered me a wave which happily returned with a smile and walked off.

I walked on the crowded street noticing that the sky was now pink and purple, it looked so beautiful and enchanting.

When I reached KFC I pushed open the door to be hit with the aroma of the heavenly food. I got myself 2 pieces of grilled chicken, a chicken popcorn rice bowl, and a coke and started looking for a place to sit.

Why is it so damn crowded here?

I spotted one next to a girl and went over.

'Hi, could I sit here?' I asked
'Of course, my name Rose what's yours?'

Rose, that name fitted her perfectly. Her curled roes red hair fell on her shoulders and her evergreen eyes were bright and beautiful, her nose and cheeks were dusted with freckles, she was dressed in an olive green oversized sweater and dark blue jeans.

I sat down and answered 'Nathan, nice to meet you.'

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