Chapter 1:

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Raven Symoñe as Jane

Harry Styles as Harry Styles

Nathan Kress as 15 year old Tyler

Dylan O'brien as older Tyler



The boy's eyes slowly traveled down to my butt, a confused expression forming over his face as he raised an eyebrow.

I blew out a breath of frustration as I pursed my lips and rested a hand on my hip, already knowing what the freckled teenage cashier was going to ask.

"Is that..." He began slowly in a hesitant tone, almost as if he was afraid to ask. His eyes still glued to my bottom as he furrowed his eyebrows in uncertainty.

"Icing? Yes, vanilla flavored too." I informed with a straight face, interrupting him before he could even finish his question.

"And it's-"

"Yes, it's all over my ass." I confirm, giving him a casual shrug as I shook my head.

I rolled my eyes, shifting on my feet in the process when I realized he was still looking down at my behind.

"Would you like to take a picture? I could you know, just bend over and raise my butt higher so you can see all the icing on my jeans." I laugh with false enthusiasm, sarcasm thick in my tone as I flashed him the fakest smile I could muster.

The boy finally averted his gaze away from my butt to stare at me with wide eyes, a stunned look overcoming his features as he blinked at me.

"... R-Really?" He asked with excitement, a wide smile spreading over his face.

What a horny little nugget he is.

"What? No!" I sputtered out in disbelief, raising my eyebrows at him as I shook my head.

"But... you said.."

"Listen here, the only way you will ever get booty in this time of your life is by going to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese playing treasure hunt with your other fellow fuckboys." I inform, placing my hands onto the countertop as I stared him down.

"Hey... How old do you even think I am old lady... I'm 15!"

"Old lady!" I choked out, my cheeks burning with anger.

"Hold on, back up, rewind!" I exploded, rolling my hands back in a quick circular motion in the air to emphasize how pissed the fuck off I was which made the boy flinch back in surprise.

I did not just pay 50 bucks for a facial last week to be called an old lady.

Okay so maybe I did deserve to be sassed back since I was being a bit bitchy to the kid but I am most definitely no old lady.

I mean yeah I got the biggest set of eyebags anyone's ever seen thanks to my new internship and all but at least my boobs don't sag down to my knees.

Yeah sorry grandma, push up bras ain't working.

"You weren't calling me an old lady when you wanted to see my ass." I stated in a smug tone, smirking when his cheeks began to blush.

"And for your information little boy, I am 19 years old and all I want is a new batch of cupcakes since I may or may not have accidently grazed my butt over the other old ones I had and ruined them and I've just been having the shittiest day." I defend, my breathing heavy as I pointed at the cashier.

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