Chapter Eight

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The next morning, I woke up really early which was a suprise to me and Phil who jumped when he saw me in the kitchen.

"Dan, what are you doing up so early?" he asked as he poured himself a bowl of cereal. He handed me the cereal box, but since I wasn't quite awake yet, I spilled alot of it on the counter. I stumbled trying to pick it up, but only succeeded in knocking more of it onto the floor. Phil started laughing which made me laugh.

"So, this is why I don't get up so early," I said as the laughter died down. I finished picking up the rest of the cereal before just giving up altogether on breakfast. I plopped down on the couch and looked over at Phil who was watching the BBC news. Nothing really caught my attention though, so I grabbed my laptop that was sitting on the coffee table and opened up YouTube.

I started on a Tyler Oakley video, but because I was on the internet, I ended up watching a video on giraffes mating before lunchtime. As I was scrolling throught the videos on the side of the video I was watching, I saw a familiar face.

"Hey, Phil. Look at who's YouTube channel I found." He leaned over my shoulder and watched the screen as I clicked on the channel name.

"Is that who I think it is?" he asked me.

"Well, if you are thinking of our very own Gwendolyn, then you are correct," I said as I clicked on the most recent video. It was a vlog of her running around downtown Manchester. She would act like her normal self, go quiet when people walked really close to her, and start goofing off as soon as they were gone. I laughed whenever she picked up a piece of food and gave it a weird look. I had never thought about it before, but some of it probably seemed really strange to her. I binge watched her videos until I came to one that made me stop. This video wasn't as happy and upbeat as the others. It was her talking about her mum and how she was leaving in the middle of the night to come to England. She was in her car, driving to the airport in the video. Gwen talked about how she wanted to be a radio show host and how her mum was completely against it. I still remembered when I first bumped into her. She was arguing with someone on her phone. It made me wonder if it was her mum. The video ended and I was stunned about how her mum had been bad enough for Gwen to leave without saying goodbye.

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