Moon Light Kiss (19)

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"Liz?" Erik's voice was shaky and sounded a little frightened. I turned around slowly and his eyes widened. I cocked my head to the side and stared at him.  

"Hi." I said smiling and stepping closer to him. He backed away slowly.  

"A-are you o-o-okay?" He stuttered in fear. I smiled and exposed my teeth.  

"Of course I am. I'm better than okay, Erik. I feel a lot better." I said grabbing his arm and pulling him toward me. We were inches apart and I could smell the blood flowing through him. I looked at the blue vein under his pale skin on his neck. I licked my lips and kissed his throat softly.  

"Um, what are you doing?" He asked. I could feel him shaking. That only made this more fun.  

"I'm just showing you how much I appreciate your help." I said innocently in his ear. He shuddered. I wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled at him.  

"Maybe we should get going." He said.  

"Shh." I put my finger over his mouth and replaced my finger with my mouth. I kissed him gently and his arms went around me quickly. He pulled me closer to him and I broke the kiss, but he kept going.

I took his hand and I pushed him against a nearby tree. His eyes looked hungry for me and frightened of me as well. I was hungry to. Very hungry.

I took my tee shirt off and walked to him. He looked at me and put his hands on my hip and pulled me close. He kissed me more while I tugged on his shirt. He took it off and I ran my hand across his smooth chest. He moaned and turned us around, so that now I was against the tree and he was getting aggressive. I could feel and hear his pulse getting faster and it made me moan. I wanted to taste his blood.

His hands went to my jeans and he unbuttoned them. I smiled and kissed him harder. He broke the kiss and pulled my pants down slowly. I kicked them to my shirt as well as my shoes and socks. His hands were all over me. I kissed his jaw and then kissed his neck. I took a deep breath and the smell was amazing. I licked at his skin and he froze.  

"Don't be scared." I whispered in his ear. I opened my mouth and just as I was about sink my teeth into him I was tackled to the ground and pinned down. Everything went by so fast I couldn't tell who or what did it.  

"Oh, my, god! She is at her fullest power!" A male voice said. Robert?  

"Do you want me to take her or do you want to take Erik?" A familiar female voice said. Kate? I heard other voices. The whole freaking family was here. I should have been filled with joy, but instead I was filled with furry. They didn't let me eat! That's a problem. I thrashed around and his grip got harder.  

"This time will be different guys. She has reached her full power. I don't think she will be the same again. We will have to tame her." Chris said sorrowfully.  

"Let me see her!" I heard Shane's voice and my eye opened quickly. Robert was on top of me and looking at Kate. Kate looked at me and gasped. Robert looked down and he also gasped.  

"What?!" I shouted. Everyone went quiet. Lawrence and Shane walked slowly toward me and knelt beside me.  

"What happened to you Liz?" Lawrence asked. He sounded disappointed. I smiled and snapped my teeth at him.  

"Enough!" Shane grabbed my face and made me face him.  

"Get your self together, Elizabeth. You are better than this, and you know it." He hissed. I growled and Shane pushed Robert off. I stood up quickly and crouched down in a defense position. They weren't taking me anywhere with out a fight.  

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