Chapter 20- Verge Of Death

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Ramses's P.O.V

I spent hours outside my chambers watching how the head healer and her assistants were working hard to save their Queen's life. I leaned back on the pillar and reminisced about all the wonderful times I had with Nefertari and how much I really loved her. I was crying silently when I felt a presence in front of me and I quickly straightened up and saw that it was Oti.

"Tell me, how is my Nefertari?"

"Your Majesty, Queen Nefertari is in a very critical condition. Her whole body is so fragile after the torture at the execution grounds and the pain of the delivery. It was also brought to our notice that the reason that she lost a lot of blood than usual was because she didn't get medical attention as per the royal decree and was not provided the necessary nutrition during the pregnancy. Her being alive still is a miracle itself but I'm sorry your Majesty, I'm not sure if that miracle would last long."

I felt like my heart was being stomped on by a stampede on the run. I was feeling so disgusted with myself for letting my Nefertari , my Queen go through such a lot of pain.

" Your Majesty , as for the prince , he is also in immense pain. He was not even a day old but was taken outdoors in to the blazing sun and was held next to a furnace and was burnt with a coal. His skin is splitting from the heat. We have applied a herbal cooling paste all over his body but he is crying out in pain and in hunger. I have arranged for him to be breastfed for the moment as our queen is not conscious and even if she is , it would weaken her more if she breastfeeds."

I took a deep breath and walked into my chambers. It was hustling with healers and maids all working hard to save Nefertari. I walked closer to the bed and saw that Nefertari was looking so pale and covered with different types of herbal pastes and oils. She looked almost lifeless and I didn't even know if she would wake up. 

Seeing her in such a terrible state brought up a memory of Nefertari sitting on the stairs of a pond in the southern part of the Palace. She was cutting some fruits which was something that the maids used to do for the Queens. She was an independent woman, she took the assistance of the maids only when it was required.  I signaled the maids to leave us alone as I sat beside her on the stairs. Both our feet were getting wet from the water in the pond and my kilt was getting messy from the strong winds of the palm trees. It was a peaceful evening. I made her lean her body on mine as she was cutting an apple with a bronze knife. As she was feeding me , I let my hands wander around her thighs through the slit on the sides of her cotton dress. She moaned and tried to move away from me but I held her still with my free hand and continued to tease her by gently moving my hand towards her core. Amidst her arousal she tried to continue cutting the apple but instead cut her finger and gasped in pain. I soon noticed the blood that was pouring onto her dress and the water in the pond. I took her wounded finger and tied a piece of cloth on it. I felt immense anger towards myself for distracting her while she was using a sharp object. I called for a healer to check on her and soon left as the guilt of causing pain to Nefertari stung me from within. 

I entered the armory and started testing a few swords that was to be carried for the borders. The soldiers there were surprised to see me as it was not in my duties to check out the weapons. All of them were bowing and standing still as I tested the swords. After a while , I saw that the soldiers were looking towards the entrance to the armory and there I saw Nefertari standing. She signaled them to leave and they left quickly and quietly allowing their Pharaoh and their Queen some privacy.

" You do know that a Queen is not allowed to visit the armory, right?I could punish you for breaking a law Nefertari"

"Then punish me , Sese. I know that I am breaking the law but I cannot allow my husband to sulk in a corner , in a place that I am not allowed to step in.I know that you are blaming yourself for this small cut on my finger , but it is not. I used to hurt myself all the time before I met you. I didn't even feel this cut, believe me"

" It's different before you met me , Nefertari. You are all that matters to me and still I foolishly distracted you while you were having a sharp object in your hands. I should have thought about it before teasing you.I'm supposed to keep you safe but I pushed you to hurt yourself. "

"Sese, this is a really silly conversation. The end line is you can't blame yourself for it. everyone at some point hurts themselves accidentally, today it happened to me. " She walked towards me and hugged me tight letting her head rest on my bare chest. She lightly kissed my chest before making eye contact with me. " Sese, promise me that you will never blame yourself if I hurt myself again, not just with a small cut on my finger but even a slash of my neck"

" Are you talking about suicide?" I asked with a confused face. She giggled and shook her head like a maniac. "I'm sure you will never give me a reason to suicide, Sese. Your the reason that I breathe, I'm sure you will never be the reason for my death." Saying that she stood on her toes and kissed me on the lips softly. "Anyway , I really enjoyed your teasing at the pond, it sort of got me aroused.  I'll be waiting for you at the Royal bath tonight" ,saying that she ran out of the armory blushing like a bride.

I now looked at Nefertari lying pale on my bed covered with herbal pastes and oils. She was wrong about me, it was I who loved her immensely that pushed her to the verge of death but now it will also be me that will get her out of the grasps of death. After all she is what I live for.

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