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I was the first to get dropped off, as the driver stopped the van outside my house. I looked over at Charlie"Bye Charlie" he nodded his head, sending me a slight smile"See ya (N/n)" I opened the door and was about to get out when Coach stopped me. "Hold on (L/n)-" I suddenly cut him off as I just remembered"Shoot, where are my manners? Thank you for the ride."

Coach looked confused for a second"What?.." once he realized what I meant he shook his head"Uh, your welcome. But is one of your parents home? There's no car in the driveway." I looked back at the driveway, then at the house to see that all the lights are off.

Letting out a sigh 'She's working late...again' I turned my head back towards the coach. Sending him a smile"I'll be fine. I'm home alone a lot, so I'm used to it." The coach looked at me carefully for a second, before nodding his head"Okay, well... have a nice night" I smiled at him as I opened the door, grabbing my stuff, before I closed the door I was quick to look at him while saying"You too Coach." With that I shut the door.

Bag and stick in hand, I walked up to my house as they drove off, I unlocked the door and walked inside. Throwing my stuff on the ground I angrily slammed the door shut behind me.

Taking my jacket off angrily as I made my way to the kitchen, only to find a note sitting on the counter, next to all the unpaid bills.

I had to go back in for another shift, I'll be back in a couple of hours. If you're hungry, there is some left over baked ziti in the fridge.

I scoffed at the note in front of me 'a couple of hours? Yeah right. More like days.' I sighed as I ripped up the note in front of me, throwing it in the trash.

I ended up going upstairs to take a shower, having lost my appetite after reading the note. After the shower I got dressed in my pajamas, grabbing my dad's Walkman from off my desk. I put the headphones attached to it on, as I flopped back on my bed, hitting the play button.

The song Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne started playing causing me to laugh a bit as I stared up at the ceiling 'Ah, I forgot I was in a good mood three days ago. I should change the tape' but alas, I didn't move an inch.

As soon as the guitar riff started I was suddenly up off my bed and playing the air guitar all while turning up the volume to full blast as I sang the tune of the guitar. As soon as Ozzy's voice started singing, I started to sing with him as I danced around my room, playing an air guitar.

And that was how the rest of my night went till I passed out from exhaustion.

The next day, coach ended up taking us rollerblading through the mall. My Walkman staying attached at my hip, just Incase I wanted to listen to music while I skated.

Fulton ended up joining us, coach Bombay staying in the back helping him. 'I guess he doesn't know how to skate' I thought as Charlie grabbed my hand, so I could keep a pace with him.

Jesse was in front, behind him was me and Charlie, everyone else was behind us. We all skated through the mall floor by floor, Greg ended up grabbing food from someone as we skated through the cafeteria.

I laughed at Greg as I now started weaving between Charlie and Jesse to get in the lead. Jesse laughed at this, taking it as a challenge "Oh, it's on." I stuck my tongue out at him and went further ahead.

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