Chapter 3

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A few weeks have passed and in that time the 2 began to hang out a lot. Weichi and Dachi had become good friends. Only thing about this is friendship is that Dachi felt he was really nervous around her, so he didn't talk all that much. He'd answer her when she would ask him a question, but he didn't think of doing much small talk. 

He felt that he would stutter and cause her to distance herself from him, as she would think that he was weird and untrusting of her. Although they've hung out a lot, she's never been introduced to the boy named Tang Jiale, who he says is his best friend. 

Actually, Weichi has never gone to Siyang's school to meet the team. She keeps asking him, but he doesn't allow it. He may seem aloof to others around him at school, but when it comes to his sister meeting boys, he feels uneasy and becomes protective of her.

She begs him all the time at home after school/after his tennis practices to see the school he goes to because she's enrolled into a music school. It's near Yu Qing, but she never dared to go inside without her brother's assistance. People might mistake her for a spy of another school because she has seen her brother's uniform and it's very different from hers.

She was hanging out with Dachi today and he was telling her about the qualifiers that were coming up for their team. She asked him many questions that she would have asked her brother about, but the thing was... he never would give her an answer or his answers were short and unsatisfying to Weichi. Unlike her brother, Dayong answered her fully and wouldn't hesitate to give her an inside information. 

Hearing about these different players and how her brother is at school, just sparked Weichi's interest and it caused her to beg Siyang again once she got home, asking to see the tennis team and how they all play. Not going to lie, Weichi is kind of able to play tennis, but is not like her brother. She can play the basics but her forte is music.

As she begged her brother, he sighed as she pleaded with him...

"Pleeaaassseeee~~~~ Brother! I want to see your friends and players...."

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