0.18 ; a somewhat disturbing funeral party | ✔

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0.18 ; a somewhat disturbing funeral party

We walk back to camp in an eerie silence, the only sound the crunching of leaves beneath our feet. We step on to the plain to find a small campfire burning in the mouth of the cornucopia. Around it, Marvel, Zafira, Glimmer and Peeta are sat, chatting animatedly, probably recounting Eden's rather gruesome end, including the fact that we had to go back and finish her off.

The whole 'Peeta is useless' issue seems to have blown over during the walk back. Either that, or the others are just trying to cover it up in front of him. Knowing my allies, it's the second one. Although really, I don't really know them at all.

"Finally!" shouts Marvel, standing up as we approach him and the others "About time! We've been waiting for you! Though you'd ditched us all!"

"Oh yeah, sure we're gonna just leave you guys with all the supplies and wander off on our own!" I shout sarcastically. Marvel shoots me a sheepish grin, then beckons Cato and I over to the poorly constructed campfire. I sit down between Marvel and Peeta, making sure that I'm nowhere near the two idiots that occupy the other places around the flames.

"Oh hey Clove!" says Zafira, looking up for the first time. I give her an awkward smile and wave, taking my knives out of my jacket for no reason except to keep myself entertained. 

"Happy you got those aren't you?" says a voice from the other side of the campfire. I look up to find Glimmer staring through the flames towards me. Her mouth is set into a pleasant smile, and her head is tilted sideways, as if to show interest, but her eyes only leer and scowl, the hard cold green like glistening emeralds. They're so like Crystalline's that, for a while, I think it's her, instead of the blonde district 1 girl with the questionable skills. But the scorning look held in them quickly puts that thought out of my mind.

"Yes, yes I am." I say indifferently, not bothering to look at her. I can just imagine her face, all screwed up and disgusted at me, just for being me. 

"Well, don't you think it's a bit weird, how attached you are to your knives?" she asks, a sneering hint in her already annoying voice, making it even harder for me to bare "Isn't it just a bit kind of....psychotic?" 

It takes every ounce of self control I own not to pick up one of the knives and hurl it straight at her pretty little face. I gather myself, calming my breathing, and reply "No. It's not psychotic. No career would think that. Especially not one that was stabbing the girl from 3 to death earlier with a dagger." She snorts at my comment, but I can hardly hear it over the spitting of the flames.

When I finally look up from my arrangement of blades, only Glimmer and I are left at the fire. I look behind me, shining my flashlight over at the corner of the plain. Cato and Maverick are sorting out the minefield again, and Marvel, Zafira and Peeta are sorting out their sleeping bags under the shelter.

I look back to Glimmer, staring straight into the fire, transfixed by the now weak flames. "No need to wait for me Glimmer, go sort out your sleeping bag. I'll be over in a minute." I say, testing her patience. She huffs, and walks off, leaving me alone by the fire. 

"Flaming stupid bitch." I mutter to myself, shaking my head. I put my knives back into my vest, stamp out the dying remains of our cornucopia campfire, and start off towards the shelter.

The shelter is pretty well equipped. We have a stand full of large spears at the back, just in case any daring tribute decides to try and steal our supplies. I've already set up my sleeping bag and other supplies in the corner, away from the others. I don't exactly want to sleep near Glimmer or Zafira, because they might 'accidentally' murder me in their sleep, something that father always warned me about.