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Bekah's pov

We arrivied at Hannah's and just as i expected Toy Story was on the screen, ready to be played.

"Hannah you are freackin obsessed with this movie!" I screamed.

"It's not an obbesion it's a dedication." She replied coming out of nowhere with arms full of food. I have never meet her brother but apparently he is just like this.

*After every Toy Story movie ever created*

"Well Im going home." I said "No more woody buzz or jessie"

"Hey woody all the way" Hannah remarked.

Yep just like I said completly crazy but we still love her. Well im going home before she asks us to act out Toy Story.

"Come on Sum night Han" I said

"Night guys" She replied

Hannah's pov

I went upstairs to my room and pulled out my iphone to see i had a message from Niall.

From: bestbubever-

Hey sis miss you! :( xxx

To: bestbubever-

Miss you to Ni wish we could be together having our movie/snack night xxx

From: DJmalik-

Hey watcha doing?

To: DJmalik-

Texting Ni why

From: bestbubever-

I know :( sorry love gotta go. Miss ya!

From: DJmalik-

I'm coming over

To: DJmalik-


From: DJmalik-

I'm still waiting for you to open the door, I have been waiting since we started texting.

To: DJmalik-

You are a strange kid

I walked downstairs to open the door, only to find Zayn sitting on the couch drinking a root beer.

"Uh what are you doing" I asked

"I came in" Zayn replied

"Uh the door was locked" I replied

"Yea but your window was opened. I closed it. You should lock it at night." Zayn spoke as though he didnt just break in to my house.

"Well wanna watch a movie?" I asked

"Scream" Zayn asked

"Sure" I said smiling. He returned the smile. Zayn and i both love horror movies.

Half way through the movie

*my phone rings*

"Uh what just said 'im coming for you'" Zayn asked

"My phone" I shrugged

"Change that" Zayn said

"Dont think i want too" I said

"Hey sis" Niall's voice spoke through the phone

"Hey Ni" I said

"Watcha doing" Ni asked

"Sitting here with Zayn" I replied

"Can you come to the airport" he asked

"why?" i asked confused

"Suprise vist from me" He replied

"O my gosh" I screamed "see you in five" I hung up the phone. "Lets go Zayn I'll explain in the car"

In the car

"So what's going on?" Zayn asked

"Well you know my brother Niall" I asked

"Yeah so" Zayn asked

"He's at the airport and we're going there to get him" I said over excitedly

"Yeah I finally get to meet your twin" Zayn said with a smirk

"He's not my twin" I said

"I know i just like to annoy you" Zayn said

"Boys will be boys" I spoke

"Hey Im a man" Zayn said

"In your dreams"  I said

"Sure" Zayn said

At the airport

"Niall " I screamed running to give him a hug

"Niall" Zayn screamed giving him a hug but not letting go.

"Uh who are you" Niall asked

Zayn stepped back. "I'm DJ Malik" he replied

"Niall this is my friend Zayn" I said

"Uh nice to meet ya lad" Niall said

"You too" Zayn replied

"Uh we should get home it's kinda late" I said to clear the akaward tension.

"Yeah" Niall agreed

The car ride home

"So Niall tell us about yourself" Zayn said

"Uh Zayn he's my brother" I said

"Uh well, my name is Niall James Horan. I'm 18 years old. I love food and I'm really glad to be back with my sister" Niall said

"Aww" Zayn cooed

Yeah so that was chapter 2. Im going to try and update every day. My  friend smill6 is writing a book called This place and these Guys. I have read over it and it is an amazing book. She is also writing a one shot book so you can check up on that. I realize that these last 2 chapters kinda suck but i promise chapter 3 will be better and if not then i will upload chapter 4 and maybe 5. So yeah follow me on twitter @tomogirl4ever for updates and if you want a personal story you can message me. Follow Summer on twitter @luvsinging1. I'm going to do something at the end of every author note so today I'm going to do a comeback today.

Person: Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me
Me: O yeah
*throws dictionary at person*
Me: Now they can

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