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Coach talked to Tammy and Tommy by the bench, as the wrest of us made our way onto the ice, to practice.

We all lined up behind a set of cones as coach stood at the end of the line of cones, whistle in hand. "Back to basics. Skating!" Bombay yelled, blowing the whistle in his hand.

We all started weaving through the cones as Bombay yelled"Go! Go! Go! Side to side! Shift your weight! Get comfortable on your edges!"

Charlie was behind me as I weaved through the cones. Peter in front of me, one by one we made it to the end, I was almost there when I heard someone fall behind me. On instinct I quickly moved my feet sideways to stop and turn around.

"That's okay Charlie!" Bombay yelled as I made my way over to Charlie stopping in front of him, I knelt down to help him up.

Bombay now stood in front of us all, a box full of cartons of eggs next to him. Grabbing one from a carton, he holds it in front of us "soft hands. You don't shoot the puck to your teammate. You sail it to 'em." He paused for a second"Karp on your feet." Dave was quick to stand up, stick ready on the ice.

Bombay put the egg down in front of his own hockey stick. "You send it." He finished as he gently passed the egg to Dave, only for the egg to break from contact with his stick.

Some of us laughed, while others said that it was gross, Dave wiping some of the egg off his face. "You don't stop the pass" Bombay slammed his stick on the ice, only to glide it back. "You except it. Cradle it"

Making us line up along the half circle in front of us, each of us having our own egg as we tried to pass the egg to him. Lester went first, only to break the egg on contact.

"Again. Concentration. Not strength."

Lester asked"like the karate kid, right? Wax on! Wax off!" He started trying to say something in Japanese when Connie, who was currently next to him, stuck her glove out angrily"Just shut up and try it Averman!" Lester went back into position with another egg in front of him, as Connie finished with"Such a jerk." Bombay told Lester"Send it back Averman."

Lester lightly slid the egg across the ice over to Coach as he cradled it"Good Averman." Looking over at Charlie"Charlie." Coach said, grabbing his attention as coach passed the egg to Charlie. He ended up cradling it, and didn't break the egg"Good! Good! Now sail it back." Charlie tried to sail the egg back only for the egg to break and splash all over the Coach.

A chorus of grossed out noises were soon to follow, along with some sarcastic comments here and there. I put a gloved hand on Charlie's shoulder, causing him to look over at me. I sent him a smile while saying"It's alright Charlie." He smiled back and nodded his head.

Bombay now had us passing the egg to one another, and cradling it to receive it. Bombay skated behind us"Good. Good. Cradle it. Cradle it. Soft hands. Soft hands" I was passing with Connie when I noticed a pair of lingering eyes on Connie making me giggle.

"Uh, Connie?" I passed her the egg as she cradled it "Yeah?" She asked in response, lifting her head up to look at me. I let out another giggle "I think Guy might be a little too interested in something else" she shot up and looked towards him, only for Guy to quickly look back at Charlie.

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