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"You've been a very, very bad girl, Ms. Sanders."

He released a smirk and leaned back into his leather office chair; his eyes continuing to bore into mine.

Just then, I realized what he had meant.

And to say I was scared, was only an understatement.


- Lola -

I stayed silent. I didn't know what to say. That feeling that told me he was bad news, spoke to me now.

He was definitely bad news. But something deep inside liked it.

My eyes started to search for some sort of identification for this man. I now know that he was the new principal, but I had no way to address him. I laid my eyes on a small, brass bar with 'Mr. Styles' engraved on the front.

Looking up from the bar, my eyes wondered to his eyes. His gorgeous eyes blankly stared at me as if they were waiting for me to say something. His smirk still displayed on his fine, pink lips.

"M-Mr. Styles?" The classy name rolled of my tongue as a question, showing how nervous I was about with what was happening. With every word, I got quieter and quieter. The words disappeared into fine air as if I had never spoken them before.

"I'm sorry Mr. S-Styles, but I'm not sure what I have done to be a bad girl. I try my hardest in every class. I'm sorry for anything I ha-"

I was soon cut of when Mr. Styles leaned forward in his leather office chair and laid his index finger on my wondering lips, immediately silencing me. My eyes widened at his act and I was too scared to continue talking, or fight back. Even though this was weird, I didn't want him to move his index finger away. I didn't want his eyes to wonder away from mine. And, I'm not sure I wanted to go back to class.

"You are to be picked up immediately. You are leaving early today. Do you have anyone you can have drive you?"

"N-No, Mr. Styles. I usually walk to school and my mom is work-"

Before I could finish my sentence, he interrupted me.

"I'm taking you home."

His words were so stern and serious. His eyes were still connected to mine.

"No, Mr.Styles! Really, I can walk home. It's okay."

Deep laughter erupted from his lips as he reached for his keys that rested at the corner of his dar, wooden desk."

"Lola. I am taking you home and that is final."

My name rolling off his tongue melted my insides like hot butter. I wanted him to say it again and again and again. But, from his serious tone, I wasn't going to fight him. I actually wanted him to drive me home too.

He got up from his chair with his keys in his hands and left the room. He instructed me to wait for him and not move. He came back, holding my backpack in one hand. He never handed it me, instead, he carried it for me. He stood, waiting by the open door and waited for me to exit. He signaled me to walk out in front of him. He soon followed me out to the parking lot. The whole walk, he was behind and I felt his stare burning into me. I became so self-conscious of how I looked.

We approached a black range rover and he unlocked the car using his keys. I could see our reflection in the shiny, spotless black car paint.

I walked up to the passenger's side and opened the door. The car was way too high and I already knew I couldn't get into car. I was stuck. I'm not sure how I am going to get into the car...

Just then, I felt two, very large hands grab my sides. Mr. Styles lifted me up into his car, my tartan plaid skirt hiking up in the process. In my peripheral vision, I noticed him leaning in. His hot breath blowing onto my neck and soon my onto my ear. Goosebumps ran up and down my arms and legs.

"Lola, just ask next time."

He whispered those words into my ear and lingered a couple seconds more. He pulled away, instead, placing his large hand on my bare hand. His hands were so big. His veins were very visible, making me want his hands in places they shouldn't be; especially on a student. He gave my thigh a light squeeze and with that he left. Mr. Styles slipped into the driver's seat and inserted the key into the ignition and started the car. He gripped the steering wheel and without stress, he backed out of the parking space.

The drive was silent, except for me giving him directions to my house. In between those moments, I took my time to stare at his features. My eyes landed on his jaw. It was sharp enough to cut through diamonds. But smooth enough to cover in a trail of sweet kisses. I was staring way too long when I noticed that we were parked outside of my house. My cheeks turned a deep red and I quickly looked down to my lap.

Mr. Styles' fingers hooked onto my chin and lifted it, turning my vision to him. His fingers slowly leaving from my skin. It was burning where he touched me; burning for his touch. He had such a beautiful smile.

So soft. So kissable.

I was so embarrassed by my thoughts and turned my head down to hide my even darker cheeks.

"Look at me."

Those words left his lips in such a harsh tone. Whimpering and scared, I turned towards him. Scared of what happens next, I stayed quiet, so did Mr. Styles. The car became hot and uncomfortable when he never took his gaze of me.

"You're so pretty, Lola."

His words shocked me. He was the principal of my school. And, I was just a student. This was not right. By now, I should've been in my house, with the doors locked and safe. But, I just couldn't move. My bottom lip trembling in fear. I finally built up the courage to say something.

"Thank you, Mr. S-Styles."

I reached behind me into the back seat and pulled out my backpack. My hand latching onto the door handle and opening it. Just as I was about to slip out, his hand gripped my thigh tightly. I let out a whimper from his roughness. I turned to look at him, about to question him. But, he spoke before me.

"See you tonight, Love."

He gave me a tiny wink and his hand soon left my thigh. The burning sensation even worse here. I wanted him to leave his hand there. Even though it was uncomfortable, I liked it and wanted it more and more as the seconds passed.

I was still so confused by his words. What did he mean by tonight. Maybe tomorrow at school; but tonight? That doesn't sound quite right...

I exited the car and ambled up to the front door to my house. I pulled my house key out of my backpack pocket and disappeared into the house, closing the door behind me. Looking through the keyhole, I noticed that Mr. Styles had indeed left. His car was gone so fast. Like none of this happened. Maybe this was all a dream. Not a nightmare, a dream. A dream I never wanted to wake from.

I was in my kitchen and decided to pour a small glass of chocolate milk. Just as I was about to open the fridge door, my hand on the handle, a small green sticky note catching my eye.


We will be having a guest over. He is the new neighbour who just moved in two houses down. I'm very excited for you to meet him! He is very kind and I think we'll be great neighbourhood friends.



I read the note over and over again. Mr. Styles' last words playing in my mind. Tonight.

Just then, a sensation washed over me. My heartbeat picked up, along with my breathing.

Mr. Styles' was the very kind neighbour who just moved in two houses down.

What my mom surely does not know is that I have already met him.

And he had definitely met me already.


- Macy

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