Part 8 ~ Breakfast By The Beach

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Katie's POV

I wake up; confused at where I am, and mostly why am I in a bed with Chance?? I look at me, I'm fully clothed so that's good. He's still sleeping, I'm about to get out of bed when his arm lands on me.

"Don't leave me yet, I love you." He mumbles

Did he just say "I Love You?" Oh, god I hope he isn't developing feelings for me. I really don't want us to be more than agreeable towards each other for the sake of the children.

He rolls over, freeing me from his arm. I quickly scramble out of bed and head out of the room. Walking into an amazing living room. I decide to 'explore' a little bit, so I walk around and find 2 extra bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, an exercise room/ office, & a marvelous kitchen.

"Wow!" I say looking at the kitchen. Yeah, it's probably weird that I'm obsessed with a kitchen, but when the kitchen in your house consists of a mini fridge, microwave, & a minuscule sink. Any kitchen is better.

Suddenly, my stomach growls. Oh yeah, I should probably feed myself. I dig through the fridge finding eggs, bacon, and oranges. Then I find a 2 pans and a juicer. I make some fresh orange juice, then fry up the bacon, and make some eggs. I put some bread in the toaster. And yum! You have a fantastic breakfast of eggs, bacon, fresh juice, & toast.

"What smells so good?" Chance mumbles as he walks into the room. Shirtless might I add.

"Breakfast, that I made for us." I say as I stare at his amazing 6 pack.

"Yum! What? It's not like you haven't seen this before! Oh, and take a picture it will last longer." He grins at me "now, let's eat I'm starving! Do you want to eat in here or on the deck?"

"Let's go out on the deck, I like the idea of eating with fresh air surrounding me."

We walk out to the deck. I stare out the view, the ocean with the rising sun.

"It's a private section of the Beach." Chance says

"What do you mean private?"

"I own 1 mile of the beach. It stretches out about 1/2 a mile each way."

"You own this?"

"Yeah, it's called Guilders Stretch. In memory of my great-grandfather who founded the Quinn Corporation."

"That's cool, I didn't realize that."

"Yeah, when I turned 18 my parents gave this area to me. We actually own 3 miles of the beach, but I got 1 mile, my parents got 2 miles which the built up with condos to rent to tourists. Aka Tourist Town."

"I think I may have stayed there as a child. My grandparents would bring me to the beach every summer for a weekend, when I was younger. I try to make it here every year to remember them, but money is extremely tight. So usually I can't."

"What happened to them? If you don't mind me asking."

"They died, in a car wreck, well at least my grandma did . Coming home from my 22nd birthday party. A drunk driver hit them, and the roads were already slick from the rain, so the car went off road & they hit a wooden fence, a board crashed through the windshield and hit my grandmother on the head, killing her on impact. Then on her 1 year death anniversary my grandfather shot himself, leaving a not about how he lasted as long as he could without her, but it wasn't meant for him to be here without her." I burst out in tears at the last part "They, both died on my birthday. That's the worst part, I feel guilty for them. If only I had kept them at my 'party' for 5 more minutes then they might still be here." I say all of this through tears. "I've never told anyone the last part. Your the first."

Chance takes my now empty plate from my hands and sets it on the table. He sits down next to me and hugs me. His embrace feels so right, yet awkward. He's trying to get closer to me, yet all I do is push him away. I suddenly feel a weight lifted off my heart. I think I may have made a breakthrough, maybe me telling him the full story of my grandparents, was my way to telling myself that this is the right person for me to be with.

"Chance?" I sniffle

"Yeah," he says carefully, I notice in his eyes he doesn't want me to hurt like this.

"I'm willing to take things slow, as in making you and me, an us."


"Yes, really."

"Then in that case, Miss. Rivera will you go on a date with me tonight?"

"Yes, Mr. Quinn I would be honored."

He punches the air very excitedly, his face lighting up. He wants me, he actually wants me.

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