25. The Unpredictable

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Aayat's POV:

            "So you're saying that Mahir, who is the doctor who operated uncle Saeed is the person you have said yes to get married to, without even knowing the same?" Humaira asked to me , her eyes as big as saucers. She was sitting with me in the Cafeteria near hospital as I finally exposed everything that was going on in my life, excluding the part of whole Hamza's Proposal.

           Merely 3 days have been since the accident of my Abba and also since the moment I came to know the reality that Mahir was the one person I had said yes to get married. he was the person who had just appeared out of no where had changed the course of my life in a fleeting second.

          "Yes..." I said to Humaira, as I took a sip of coffee.

           She kept looking at me silently, still in the phase of shock. I don't blame her, because deep down, I myself am shook from inside.

'Why does it had to be Mahir?', that was the question I had been asking to no one but myself these three days.

         I finally saw Humaira shaking her head at me as she finally spoke,

"Aayat, first of all, why am I getting to know about it this late?"

         Out of all that I had just told her, this was the problem she chose to worry about, seriously!

"Exactly, why didn't you tell any of us?" This time it was Soniya who spoke as we had face time her and Naiza too.

          I huffed as I couldn't even try to explain anything further to them. I was tired of all of it.

"Oh shut up you two. First of all, Humaira there was so much going on in your life, how could Aayat tell her anything to you? You were yourself not in the right state.
And then, Soniya, you and me live so away from her. We both never really get time to catch up with her as you are always busy in your work and I on the other hand live in different time zone.

Just let this go and now concentrate on the big issue, shall we?"
Naiza almost said like a strict teacher, supporting me. I smiled at her and then looked at Humaira.

         She let out a breath and then said holding my hand,

"Sorry Aayat, it's just that, I am sorry for not being with you all these days when you needed me. And the fact that you didn't told me, got over me.


        I held her hand back and then looked at her and said,

"It's okay Humi, and I am too sorry to all of you. I should have told you all.
But I didn't knew what to tell. How to tell you all about this."

         "It's okay Aayat, but please don't hide anything from us again. We are not friends for nothing. We all are here for each other. Okay?" Soniya said from the phone screen.

           I nodded at them as we all smiled at each other. I let go the hand of Humaira and then again held the cup of coffee in my hand, the process giving my hand warmth.

          "So now the issue is , how are you going to say no again to Mahir's proposal right?" Humaira asked to me, while Soniya and Naiza nodded their head.

           The silence was broken by me as I answered their question with a simple "No." Earning lots of exclamatory remarks such as
"What!", "What do mean!"

           I know that anyone could think that the solution of this situation was simply to reject the proposal. But in my case, that option was off the table as Abba has already high expectations from this tie. Only I know about how happy he had became from the moment I had agreed to this proposal, along with all my family members.

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