The Boy's Despair...

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The Boy's Despair

There once was a boy,

Without happiness or gay,

Sadness and misery,

All the way,

His family left,

His friends left,

And his darkness consumed the rest,

He had no will,

He had no light,

He did not live,

but was only alive,

Then came a girl,

Full of love and bliss,

Happily she danced,

Unaware of the risks,

She met the boy,

And smiled at him,

He envied her,

For happiness compared to him,

She was the light,

She was the day,

He needed her,

But couldn't take her away,

So he hurt her,

And pushed her away,

But she took the blow,

and did not sway,

He tried and tried,

But she did not faze,

Until one lonely night,

She held his gaze,

She told him, she loved him,

He told her, he didn't,

If only she knew,

The lie that lay within,

She was hurt,

She finally took the blow,

Alone in the moonlight,

Her tears seem to glow,

She ran and ran,

And did not see,

Not until she was,

Ended by the misery,

When he found,

That she was dead,

He felt his heart,

Slowly bled,

She lay there,

Deep in slumber,

Unaware that he was there,

Right here,

He lost her,

And his heart felt bare,

He was left alone,

With the boy's despair.


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