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(module=core("op.parameters", "safeguards", "PVA", "redundancy", "restore");)
    Probability of catastrophic extinction-level event will increase significantly after Clean Slate is executed, though remain highly unlikely.
    Latest population viability analysis modelling continues to support the 50/500 theory, which has proven reliable on many occasions. Initial cull will therefore pose no serious risk, though subsequent iterations will increase this without additional safeguards. Maintaining a minimum viable population will be consistently achievable given the rapidity of human procreation, but genetic drift may be more problematic in some locations.
    init(museum)[genetic museum program now active. This will safeguard against MVP risks through retention of broader genetic mappings. Periodic injection of diversity to the gene pool will adjust the local populations towards safe margins and allow for total system regeneration if necessary—]


By Rufus

Harry died today. HARRY! Can you believe it? Of all of us, I thought he'd live forever. I thought he'd be the first of us to go into space, you know? Always seemed weird to me that Tommy was in charge and not Harry. Not because I was a massive fan of his, but because it just seemed like a more natural fit. Tommy always comes across as so...uncomfortable.

So, yeah. He's dead. I don't know what else to write, really. It's all so weird and impossible, and I have to keep reminding myself that it's happened. I wasn't super close to him, but I can't imagine him not being around. He's like the lake, or the Temple. He's always there. A constant. Like the sun coming up.


I knew it! I knew something was going on. I'd spotted them all plotting last night, right after Tommy had said his piece, and everything went crazy. Everyone else was wailing and going mad, but Eva was doing her conspiring thing with Ramin and - weirdly - Robin, like they were coming up with some sort of Plan.

Anyway, I didn't think much of it. I was still too stunned to really think about anything.

Harry's dead. Sorry, just had to write that down. Writing it somehow makes it more real.Do I want it to be more real?

I'm not sure.

So this morning I get up early for a dump, and I hear something outside. Whispering! You know that thing where you're sat there, and then you have to hurry for whatever reason, but you don't want to hurry too much because that would be gross, but then you don't want to miss it either? I probably don't need to include this much detail.


There they were: Eva, Ramin, Robin - and even little Erik - sneaking out through the village. Like they had some kind of mission. I ran up to them and asked what they were doing, and I'm pretty sure Ramin had that look in his eye he always gets with me, like he doesn't want me to be there, but Eva filled me in anyway. Turns out Erik's had some kind of message from the Temple, which has shown the way to...well, something, down south. That's about all we know. Oh, and the Temple is also borked. Not working anymore. Which is obviously great.

I struck this kind of heroic pose and said: "I'm coming with you."

Eva had looked me in the eyes and I'm sure hers had sparkled. A little smile. Maybe. "Get what you need and meet us by the gate at the south field," she'd said. "We'll wait for you, Rufus."

Well, she said something like that.

Grabbed my stuff, then legged it to meet them.


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