♥ Take Care ♥

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"I don't think he should be left alone unattended. He's still adjusting to the wheelchair and he is gonna need help with basic things like cooking and bathing." the nurse said to Alicia.

"I dont see why I can't live by myself." I protested. "I hate feeling needy."

"Look Hakim, you'll need someone to drive you to and from therapy and anywhere else."

"I can do it most days when I'm not working." Alicia added.

"No I can't do that to you-" I objected.

"Hakim is gonna have to stay with you for a while, at least until his legs build back their muscle strength." the nurse stated.

"It's okay. I'll take good care of him. It's just temporary, Hakim."

"I guess, " I sighed, feeling extremely guilty for having to depend on Alicia.

"Its alright." Alicia said, grabbing hold of his wheelchair.

"Here," the nurse said, handing me a pamphlet. "This talks about recovering in the quickest possible way."

"Thanks," I said, grabbing it.

Alicia wheeled me out side while I scanned through the paper. "I'm gonna need physical therapy Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 3 hours!" I declared.

"Calm down, Hakim. I can get you there after I get off of work."

"Which one? The Hoe job or the Assistant job?" I asked, playfully.

"Try me Hakim and I will be pushing yo crippled ass down the stairs." She said, seriously.

"I was playing Alicia!" I said, swatting at her hand softly.

I hoisted myself into the car.

"You know you don't have to help me like this." I said to Alicia. "Thanks and all but I'll manage fine by myself. You can bring me home now."

"I am bringing you home to get you some clothes! Then you coming back to my house! You heard what the doctor said!" Alicia insisted, turning the car off. "Gimme the keys to your apartment." She muttered.

"No, Alicia. I can't." I protested.

She fumbled in my pocket for my keys.

She got out and I turned around, looking at her butt lustfully in her black leggings and Pink sweatshirt. I was in a trance, I had never seen a butt so big. The way it jiggled with every step she took, Chantels butt was never that big...

I turned around, smacking myself in the head. Don't act like this Hakim. Lust is one of the seven deadly sins.

She came back and sat down, lugging a big huge trash bag of my personal items and clothing into the backseat.

"I'm not moving in!" I said, chuckling.

"Yeah, I know, but you'll be in PT for a good while." She said.

"Can I ask you something Alicia?"


I swallowed. "That night at the club, you acted so different and now that I got to know you..." I trailed off.

"Cause that's my job to act like that. I'm not like that in real life!" She replied.

"Do you like your job?" I asked.

"No. If I could make as much money somewhere else I'd gladly quit." She responded, not taking her eyes off the road.

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