the phone call

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1 week after the audition

Tay's POV
I'm sitting on the couch watching reruns of my favorite show. Trying to distract myself from thinking about the guy I saw last week. My phone starts to buzz interrupting my thoughts. I see the screen light up with mike's name on it. My body goes into overdrive and the anxiety is eating me up. I start to panic. "Okay tay you got this just answer the phone what's the worse thing he could say? Oh right that's I didn't make it. Its now or never."I tell myself. I click the answer button. "Hey it's tay" I say but a little shakiness in my breath oh god hopefully he doesn't notice how nervous I am. Play it cool tay. "Hey it's mike" the voice says on the other end. "Hey mike what's up?" He chuckles "don't worry I promise it's good news. You're in." I laugh "it's the obvious huh?" He laughs again "yea it's no problem tho, I can tell this means a lot to you" "yea but thanks so much for the opportunity. I won't let you down" I tell him. He replies back "I don't doubt it for a second anyways congrats. I still have to call Jordan but anyways I'll call you later for updates and stuff, take care tay" "yea, no thanks again bye" I hang up and I am so relived. I lay down on the couch and take a deep breath. Wow this FANTASTIC! but the question is who is Jordan? I mean is he the dude that I saw a week ago with the girl? Must be his girlfriend. or is he someone else that auditioned before he and I came? Well I guess I'll find out soon. Thinking back to that day he's etched in my head, ever since I saw him it's like he's all I think about, Call me cheesy but like I literally can't get I him out my head sadly he has a girlfriend and I don't think I could compete with her like she looks way better than me I guess. I push the thought of him aside, I guess I have to forget about him he wouldn't like me anyway.  Jordan? I think to myself. I got off the couch and headed outside I need some kind of distraction.

Jordan's POV
I get a call from mike I yell "Jessica get over here, it's the moment of truth" she laughs and says "oh jor your so funny" I roll my eyes and say "yea i am" I answer the phone and say "yea" Jessica is leaning next to me to try to hear but she can't decipher what mike and me are talking about, mike says "congrats man your in the band" I say "thanks man" he says "well later on I'll give you the details for practice and such I say "yea thanks again man, we'll keep in touch" I hang up and Jessica says "so what happen jor are we in?" I smile and say "yes babe (;" I pick her up and spin her around she giggles and I set her down and she kiss me ... it turns out to a make out session and then she parts away & says "this call for a celebration, let's go
out to dinner yea?" I say "yea she gets ready and I just don't feel like dressing up so I wear a GK shirt and some black skinny jeans with some black vans and a GK snapback I yell "Jessica are you ready?" She says "in minute jor" "sheesh do girls really take this long to go out .." she comes down stairs and she's in a black dress and blood red pumps, this time she looks so gorgeous like she's finally dressed for an occasion she bites her lip and looks at me "how do I look" I say "gorgeous as always babe" she playfully hits me and says "I love you Jordan" I say "I love you too Jessica" she kisses me and I say "shit we're gonna run late cause I don't wanna go to too late" she grabs her coat and I grab the car keys we go to the car and we drive to Olive Garden I mean it's a "fancy" restaurant but Not TO fancy, ya catch my drift?"
we eat then we pay and leave the restaurant. On the card ride back home Jessica says "so what do you think will happen in the future like with the band and things" I say "I don't know Jess, we just have to look forward to it" we arrive back home and go to bed


chapter was updated/edited 06/28/18

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