chapter 12~ fun and gone

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Alfie: yes I win

Marcus: you cheated

Alfie: no I didnt

Marcus: yes you did

Alfie: your just a sore looser

Marcus: yeah your right

Alfie: ha I win. I am the ultmate champion

Marcus: thats it you gona get it

I started to chace alfie around the apartment.

Alfie: you cant get me nanananana

Marcus: I can too

I grabed alfies top causing me to fall backward pulling alfie with me.

We were now on the ground and alfie was on top of me. Oh great what now.

Alfie looked me in the eyes before leening in and placing another kiss on my lips.

I knew this wrong. He had a girlfriend and she was also a good friend of mine. But I didnt want this to end I couldnt let it this was a sensation I only felt with alfie and NO ONE elts!

Alfie pulled away and staired in to my eyes. I couldnt help but stair back at his they were so dreamy so perfect just like him.

Alfie: im sorry I couldnt help it

Marcus: no problem

Alfie got up and helped me to my feet.

Marcus: what now?

Alfie: I gota go

Marcus: wait....

It was to late alfie had already ran out the door leaving me all alone in connors apartment.

Just like last time the tears start to stream but this time I collapse on to the cold hard ground and close my eyes in to a deep sleep...

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