my boss's arrogant son chapter 8

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***********Ahh i'm really sorry for not uploading in so long.  How was Christmas and New Year for everyone then?  Was Santa good to everyone?  Ahh he was good to me but i ended up steaming drunk lmao :)  anyways, hope ya enjoy this chapter, i know it's kinda boring and stuff but the next one is gonna be better lol and you've gotta listen to the song.  me and my mates have this wierd obsession with devlin and his new song is freaking class!!! lol anyhoo i'll shut up now lol:)************************

I woke up feeling just a little bit hung over passed out on the floor and using Jenna’s legs as a pillow with my phone still clutched in my hand.  It definitely wasn’t one of my cooler looks.

“Jenna,” I grumbled, sitting up and pushing my frizzy mop of hair aside, slapping her leg in an attempt to wake her up.

“Uhhhh,” Jenna mumbled in response, rolling over and giving me a clear sight of her paint stained face reminding me what we were up to last night.

Looking around,  I actually felt like crying as I slumped back down on the floor head in hands.

My living room looked like a paint bomb had gone of in here last night, covering everything.   Great, who’s idea was this again?

I scrambled to my feet in an attempt to make it to the kitchen for a drink of milk but just couldn’t get the energy and stumbled into the sofa instead.  Checking my phone I realised it was only 8am so decided to lie back down for a bit.

Next thing I knew, my phone was going mental in my ear scaring the shit out of me.  I threw it across the room, don’t ask me why I just did, and woke Jenna up in the process from where she was still passed out on the floor.

“What?  What is it?” she screamed, flying up and looking around like we were getting attacked.

“My phone,” was my intelligent answer.

She looked over where my phone was still going off, then burst out laughing which got me started.

“Oh my god, check out the state of your living room,” she laughed.

“Ahh,” I giggled, putting my head in my hands not wanting to look at the paint smeared walls anymore.

It looked like we’d had a paint fight or something which knowing us we probably had, but still the place was a class A mess.

“How’re you feeling?” she asked me, falling down on the sofa next to me, then flying back with her hands covering her ass.  It wasn’t until she moved her hands that I noticed the wet cream paint smeared across it, which just set me off again.

“Ahh no these were my favourites,” she sighed, then started laughing too.  “I’m away to raid your wardrobe,” she told me while I just kept laughing.

“Are you not gonna get that?” she shouted as she left my living room, talking about my stupid phone which was still going off in the corner.

I climbed off the sofa and crawled - like literally crawled - over to it finally getting the energy to move.

Leanne’s name was flashing and I answered it with a still giggling “Hello?”

“Wow you finally answered,” she shrieked down the phone.  “So how ya feeling today?”

“Fine fine.  How about you?” I replied.

“I’m good apart from all the pisshead texts I got off you and Jenna last night,” she told me.

“Oh…Sorry,” I apologised, then said, “I don’t even remember that.”

“Yeah well, my favourite was the one at the back of 4 saying Leanne’y poo we loveys yuuuuu,” she told me and I burst out laughing.
Yeah, that had Jenna and me written all over it.

“Well we do,” I reasoned.

“Yeah ok then,” she sighed.  “So what are you doing today?”

“Cleaning,” I snorted, then explained. “We had a paint fight last night.”

“What are you, 12?” she laughed.

“Shut it you,” I joked.

“Well, if you both have forgotten, it’s Madison’s birthday today and Amy’s throwing her some massive kids party or some shit,” she explained, and I felt like a brick had been dropped in my stomach.

“No way that’s today?” I asked panicked.  How could I forget that - I really am the worst Auntie in the world.

“Yeah that’s today you loser, how could you forget our baby niece’s third birthday?” she asked making me feel even worse as Jenna walked back in the room wearing a pair of my jammy bottoms.

“Who’s that?” she mouthed as she hovered at the kitchen door.

“Leanne,” I mouthed back and she nodded before going in the kitchen.

“Don’t rub it in,” I snapped back at Leanne.  “What time does it start today?”

“One o’clock, well I think it’s one…” she trailed off.

“Right well we’ll definitely be there,” I told her, before asking, “What do you get for a three year old?”

“I don’t know,” she huffed.  “Toys?”

“What about this?” Jenna asked holding up a action man car.

“Don’t be stupid that’s a boys toy,” Leanne snapped at her, leaning on one foot and crossing her arms over her chest, clearly annoyed.

“Well I’m very fucking sorry, I don’t know what to get a three year old,” Jenna snapped back.

I sighed and picked up a girls princess dress up kit, complete with tutu, tiara and mini heels.

We were in toys r us, having picked Leanne up on the way.  It was quarter to one and we were starting to panic, grabbing random things up and throwing them in the overflowing trolley.  Madison was gonna get some birthday this year from her three aunties.

“It’s not hard, just don’t get her boys toys,” Leanne argued.

“Why not, I loved playing with my brothers toys when I was little,” Jenna huffed.

“Yeah but that’s cause you were a freak,” Leanne stated.

“Will you two just shut up?” I shouted at them.  Seriously, they’d been fighting ever since we’d picked Leanne up and I just couldn’t be arsed with it anymore.  Those two were the original frenemies and it pissed me off no end.

“Sorry,” Leanne snapped sarcastically, as Jenna shot me a dirty look.

Great, now I’m bitch no.1, how’d that happen?

“You think this is enough?” Jenna asked after a moment, and we all turned to look in the trolley.

“Yeah, I think she’ll be fine,” I answered, and we started our way to the till.

Can you believe the total came to over £200.  I mean, I know it was between the three of us but still, can you say overload? 

I stuck it all on my card and we headed out to the car, me and Leanne on wrapping duty while Jenna tried to drive.  Let me tell you, that was fun.  I’m the worst wrapper in normal circumstances, never mind trying to do it in the passenger seat of a freaking Renault Clio. 

We actually made her go around the roundabout about three times to buy ourselves more time; it wouldn’t look good if we pulled up outside Amy’s still wrapping her daughter’s presents.

I hadn’t seen Amy in ages, she was always busy being a mum nowadays which was cute and all but kinda sucked for us…we missed out partner in crime.

“Are you done yet”? Jenna asked as we got in the five minute distance.

“Nearly,” I replied and Leanne shouted a triumphant “Yes!”

I shot her a dirty look and finished wrapping up, throwing it in the backseat next to Leanne when I was done and pulling down the mirror to inspect the damages of last night.

My dark brown hair was pulled in a loose ponytail with paint stains still streaked through it, I had the bare minimum of make-up smeared across my tanned face and my once bright blue eyes looked drained.  Wow, I looked hot.  Joke!  I looked like death on legs.  Did I care though?  Nah, did I fuck, I felt too sick to give a crap.

We pulled outside Amy’s house, and she had the telltale sign of about 500 balloons taped on her gate, her door, the windows and even her bin - who’s idea was that?

Let me make this clear - I love my little baby niece and everything, but the last thing I needed right now was loads of snotty little kids running around my feet in my hung-over state. 

As we were getting out Jenna’s car, she turned to me and asked, “Craig wants to know if your available for tonight?”

I nearly asked ‘who’s that?’ before I remembered he was that friend she kept trying to set me up with last night, and I also got a flashback of me finally agreeing to it.  That’s not the only flashback I got though, and I quickly pulled my phone out to check my sent messages.

Going through the many messages, I finally found the one I wanted and pulled it up, reading exactly what I sent last night.

“Did you know that that I think you is a dick ad I hate yoo!!!  Knob end!!!”

Ok, I think it’s official - my P45 is definitely on the way.  Why did I think that was such a good idea at the time?  I’m so dead!

That text is the definition of embarrassment; it doesn’t even make fucking sense!

Jenna was still staring at me confused as I looked back up from my phone feeling sick.

“What’s up?” she asked slowly frowning at me.

“Next time I get in that state please do me a favour and take my phone off me,” I whined, and she just laughed at me.

“Soo,” she pried.

“What sorry?” I asked, forgetting what she just asked as I tried to figure out ways to get myself out of this mess.

“Do you want to meet Craig tonight?” she snapped.

“Eh yeah ok,” I answered before thinking.

“Good, you’ll like him Emma honest to god,” she shrieked.

I wasn’t really paying any attention though, all I could think about was how fun work was gonna be on Monday and repeating, ‘Please don’t get it!  Please don’t get it!’ in  my head.

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