(S1/Extra) Chapter 14: The Black dragon? Part (1/2)

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Hey, so.... Thanks for the 10k reads as I noticed today as I love y'all for this accomplishment and I quickly fixed up a Chapter. This happens to contain a few spoilers for the rest of the 1st season, so If you don't want any spoilers then click/tap away!

P.S. This happens after the bloody Valkyrie Arc.

Anyway enjoy Kings/Queens/Royalties 👑👑👑❤❤❤

3rd P.O.V.

It was a calm and normal day in E-Rantal's Guild. Adventures were Entering and leaving as Missions were being accepted and Accomplished. Momom, Crona, Eruka and Nabe had officially reached Adamantite ranks. They were there in front of the Guild lady.

Guild lady: Back from the Mission already Momon-san and Crona-san.

Crona: Yes, I'm wondering if you can get us the hardest Mission you have?

Guild lady: Sure thing. I'll be right back in a minute...

The lady then began walking away leaving the four alone, while conversing between each other. Someone Barged through the Guilds doors which gathered everyone's attention. Out came a young man with short blond hair and blue eyes. He wore pure white full plate armor and is equipped with a broadsword and a shield.

???: Crona! Crona! Is The Adventurer Crona Here?!

Everyone stood silent, leaving the young man to speak again.

???: I'll say it again! Is Crona Here?! I have been given an order to retrieve you to meet The King And his Royal Bloodline. He had specifically requested for you.

Adventurer #1: The King?

Adventurer #2: As in the Ramposa the third?

Adventurer #3: What would the king want with the "Crona" ?

With all of the chatting going on, Crona then Started to walk over as he gained the Young Man's attention.

Crona: I-I'm Crona Gorgon... And Y-You are?

Climb: I'm sorry to call you out like that. My name is Climb, I am Princess Renner's Body Guard

Crona: So... What does the King of Re-Estize Kingdom want with someone who Just became an Adamantite just yesterday?

Climb: The king and His children Princess Renner, Prince Barbro and Prince Zanac Had sent me so that she could personally speak with you. As for why they want to specifically speak to you is unknown, I think it might have to do with some Black Dragon.

Momon: Black Dragon?

Climb: I'm afraid so... There's been a Rumored black dragon that has been Going to villages and Devouring them and leaving no traces of the village. Not even the land itself.

Momon: If I may, Could I speak to My partner for a second?

Climb: Sure thing.

Momon then Dragged Crona away from anyone and soon placed his Hand on his Shoulder.

Momon Whispering: Crona... What have you done now?!

Crona: What do you mean- Ouch!

Momon then tightened his grip and Was soon serious.

Momon whispering: What have you done?!

Crona: I don't know what you mean.

Momon: There's one Black dragon I know, his name is Ragnarok and it's right in you! Tell me that wasn't you.

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