The Transformation~Chapter 28

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"Hello, Slender Man." Zalgo said before I saw (Y/N) sitting in a chair, faced away from us.

"Zalgo." Slender said with his scary voice.

"Think you can come in here and take my precious (Y/N), don't you?" Zalgo said, calmly, looking behind him to see me, Masky, Eyeless Jack, Hoodie, Jeff, and Ben Drowned.

"And you bring along your little proxies too huh?" He mocked.

"You will never get out of here with her alive..." he said, laughing menacingly and grinning.

"Looks like we have to do this the hard way..." Slender said before motioning Jeff and Hoodie to attack, while I try and get the rope off (Y/N).

"T-Toby?" (Y/N) says, but I quickly shush her. I was almost done cutting the rope when (Y/N) gasps and I turn around.


"TOBY!!" (Y/N) screams, I try to get up, but my legs fail me. I look at my left leg, and see a huge scar. I felt a shadow go over me.

"You t-think a little s-scar is going to s-stop me?" I said.

"Oh, that was just a kick, now there shall be more." Zalgo said as he raised his claw.

'This is it...' I thought as I closed my eyes.


I watched as Zalgo went over to Toby, lying on the ground.

They were talking but I couldn't understand them. I tried to get my hands and legs free but I tried and I tried and I couldn't.

I managed to turn my chair around, and saw Zalgo raising his claw, about to end Toby's life, when something inside me cracked.

My red vision was now normal, but searing pain coursed through my whole body, causing me to scream out in pain, earning Zalgo's attention.

"Yes..." He said, with a deep scary voice.

"The transformation is almost complete." He said walking over to me.

I try to get away but the pain only gets stronger. I scream out in pain, as Slender and the proxies watch my transformation into the demon I am.

I scream as something emerges from my back and as my skin turns to a dark red color, and my body layout is almost just like Zalgo's. I can feel my mind changing. I can feel it trying to wipe my whole memory, but I can't let that happen.

"Don't forget about Toby... don't forget about-" I whisper to myself but stop as the pain fades and I have the strength to stand up.

I look behind me to see what hell like figure emerged in my back.

Wings... They were wings...

I look at my skin, which now looks exactly like Zalgo's. I turn back to Zalgo, letting him see my tear filled eyes as I stare down at my hands.

"W-What did you d-do to me?" I said.

"You are part demon, (Y/N). You are a part of me, and I am a part of you." He said, reaching for me. I stepped back, letting him miss.

He looked as if he was going to grab me again but he turned his gaze over to Toby and strode towards him. I stood there, not able to do a thing, as if someone had placed glue on my feet.

"Now, where were we?" Zalgo asked as he raised a claw.


I watched as (Y/N) transformed into a demon. 'She even looks cute as a demon' I thought.

But now Zalgo was walking over to me.

"Now, where were we?" He asked me as he raised a claw once again. I saw (Y/N), glued in her spot.

But as he lowered his claw, something stopped him. I could feel his claw penetrate something, but when I looked down no claw was in me... but was in the person I thought I would never see again.

And when I saw who it was, all hell broke loose between Zalgo and (Y/N).

I bet you know who took a claw for Toby. was it Ben? laughing Jack? Eyeless Jack? Take a guess in the comments why don't yah?

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