i don't blame you for being you, but you can't blame me for hating it

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okay i downloaded special delivery and i HATE IT i will delete it asap. this piece of horror is too terrifying, i've barely gotten through the first few minutes and i freaked out bad. i might post it on youtube just bc but no way am i playing it again

glee is so upsetting, more specifically s4 which is kinda understandable but here's why. when unique clearly states she identifies as female, she asks ryder to say she's a girl and accept her identity. he looks at her and tells her, while laughing, that he won't say that bc she is a boy. and i admit that is very realistic in terms of transphobes, they think they can tell people their truth, all i'm complaining about is the fact that it's pissing me off. then later in the season when ryder tells the club about how his babysitter sexually assaulted him, sam and artie shame him for being traumatized by it then cheer him on bc he had "every guy's fantasy" and the worst part is they never address it. sam and artie never learn why what they did was wrong and idk why it's affecting me so much but it made me so upset that nothing happens

my mom and i were talking about school rn and if it weren't for the fact that i have college to get to, i would totally stay at home.

um, ig that's it?? my friend is shorter than me and she's a whole freaking w e e b but she does make me happier when we text so that's cool, fnaf is coming back up in my life and honestly having the movie come out in 2023 would be perfect bc fnaf 3 so i'm excited, and i'm kinda scared for my future. you see i always act like i have a plan or like i'm confident but honestly i'm scared to grow up. i hate dealing with students and teachers sometimes but i feel safe at school, it's my safe place and without it idk where i'd go. but whatever that's it so buh bye


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