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                                           Reviews from the customer, "The trainer had been very experienced and was able to make everything sound simple and understandable about mutual funds and equity markets. It was great to know that SEBI regulates the equity markets to ensure good conduct of companies and stock markets".

Indian money company reviews say financial literacy is more than a nice-to-have skill. It is a necessity in today's world. Every individual needs this skill for their benefit. Young people today are not prepared to manage money once they start working and that is probably the reason household debt is growing at a much faster pace than household savings in India. create awareness and educate consumers on access to financial services, to educate the public or investors on the Financial Literacy, to protect the interest of the investors, to create awareness on the availability of various types of Financial Products and their features, provide the necessary infrastructure for public or investors to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to become financially literate, to change attitudes to translate knowledge into behavior, to provide aid and assistance to public or investors to develop and maintain appropriate standards of competence for financial education and literacy through examination and continuing education, and to make consumers understand their rights and responsibilities as clients of financial services.

Indian money reviews focus to educate people on the various investment products and how they work. They help most people who buy investment-linked insurance do not realize that the sum assured is just not enough to take care of the family needs in case of an eventuality. And helping clients in self-awareness is important to bust myths like all mutual funds do not invest only in stocks. There are funds that are less volatile and can be invested in various goals.

Customer Testimonials on Reviews

"Wonderful financial advice for every level and class of investors, it was amazing to see that planning for our goals can be so effective in making good investment decisions. Great to know that SEBI is watching and ensuring transparency and reliability of Stock Markets in India".

"The trainer in was well structured to educate us on the benefits of systematic investments, equity markets, and mutual funds. It also improved our awareness of ways to identify and avoid fraudulent investment schemes".

"Excellent explanation, well-structured to understand the functions of equity markets, stocks, and mutual funds. Also, how we can benefit from investing in mutual funds. More importantly, how dangerous it is to invest without a goal in mind".

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Customer Testimonials on Reviews
Last updated: Jul 02, 2020
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