Chapter Fourteen; Faker!

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WARNING. This is the first sex chapter in this story so if you don't like that or don't want to read it, go ahead and skip it. You'll be missing a lot though! Hope you enjoy it, tell me how I did, un? :)



“She arose from the sea naked in a seashell… Well, that’s just awkward.” I muttered. Beck and I had been studying for almost four hours, and it was Thanksgiving break as soon as school let out. I almost forgot all about it, I remembered yesterday after dropping Beck off. “What do you think, Beck?”

I was answered by Beck falling sideways onto my lap. His eyes were closed and his pink lips were parted. His hair brushed in his face. I smiled and hesitated before reaching down to caress his tan skin. With a light snore escaping from his lips, I knew he fell asleep.

I traced over his eyes, his nose, and finally his lips. They felt soft under the pads of my fingers. Oh, how bad I wanted to kiss him…

I hesitated before manning up and leaning down, pressing a kiss to his soft lips. Before I could pull back, his hands reached up to cup my cheeks. He held me there and kissed back with even more passion. My eyes widened in surprise as I let him control my lips. My heart raced in my chest. He pushed me back a bit with a smile playing on his lips. His green eyes had opened and were boring into mine. My hand moved to cover my mouth as I pulled back even further. I pointed at him, wild-eyed. “Faker!”

He chuckled and pulled me down for another kiss. He crushed his warm lips against mine and I tensed. I closed my eyes and leaned into him. We pulled away and pressed our foreheads together.

“You let a fag kiss you.” I said quietly, staring into his eyes. His green eyes searched my face. He moved a piece of black hair from my face.

“Please don’t say that word.”

He leaned up and kissed me, his hand on the back of my neck. He twisted around and pushed me down on the bed so that he was on top of me. He looped his other hand through mine and closed his eyes. He parted my lips and invaded my mouth. My tongue fought with his for dominance, I was losing. I gave up and let him explore my mouth. I sucked his tongue and rested my other hand on his waist. Our lips moved in sync as I played with his tongue in my mouth.

The kiss sent shivers throughout my whole system, giving me small shocks. I wonder if he felt them to. I opened my eyes and by the look on his face, I knew he did.

He moved his hand from my neck, down my shoulders, to my waist and rubbed my lower stomach. I gasped against his lips. He pulled away and chuckled. He slipped his hand under my shirt and rubbed more. I moaned under him, surprising myself. I took my hand back from his and covered my mouth. He frowned and grabbed my hand again. He pulled it from my mouth, giving me a shy smile. He kissed me again and rubbed my stomach. He moved his other hand up to fondle my nipple. I gasped in pleasure against his lips. He smiled and positioned me so that he could pull my shirt off.

He pulled his off to and brushed his bare, toned chest against mine. I felt very self conscious around his body.

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