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You lived at Holmes Chapel and there is a bakery there where you get your favorite cupcake. Every morning before school, you went there to grab yourself a fresh-baked cupcake Watermelon Sugar to complete your day.

You come by to the bakery every Saturday and Sunday too but you failed to do so because you visited a sick aunt for the weekends.

You were back on Monday and you're surprised for a que laying outside, the bakery is still closed, you can't believe in what you saw and you're late so you were not able to grab a cupcake to start your day.

School didn't go well so right after class, you're out there, heading to W. Mandeville Bakery, wishing to finally have a delicious cupcake Kiwi.

The bakery is calmer now, no lines and it was the same again as before. The staff already knows you and they're already your friends. The manager asked you for a job there but you are not ready yet so you rejected the offer.

You can't refrain from thinking why the bakery opened late and what's with the line. You went to the counter and buy some cupcakes and asked the cashier about what happened earlier.

"Too bad you were not able to see him." She said giggly while speaking. You have to snap your fingers to snap her back to reality.

So, there's a "he" that caused your bad start of the week.

"We have a new part-timer, he started last Saturday. When he started working here, customers, mostly girls, started coming."

A Mr. Heartthrob huh, we'll see about that.

Saturday came and as you walked to W. Mandeville's, there you saw a line longer than what you saw during weekdays. You walked to the back door and there you saw the manager looking so stressed.

"(y/n), good thing that you're here. I really need your help, dear." He looked so tired.

"What can I do to help Sir?" Off course you know what he wants, stupid. Hahaha.

"The bakery is going wild, we need more helpers, I know you rejected my offer before but please, even for just today. I'm really lacking of employees." That was no joke, the line outside is really long.

"Sure, I'll help every weekend." He had a smile on and it's like his worries began to lessen.

"Really, thanks. You start today." The two of you went inside the back door and he gave you the procedures and your uniform with your name tag. He also gave you a copy of the menu and its prices but you told him that you had that memorized it long before.

You finally faced the people and there welcomes you a sea of faces. orders everywhere and girls pushing in front of the pastries.

"EVERYONE, (y/n) is going to help us today!" The boss yelled to his employees.

Everyone welcomed you shortly then back to work but your boss dragged you to the busiest part of the bakery, the pastry department.

"Harry, this is (y/n). She will help you from now on. (y/n) this is Harry, he started last Saturday and since then, a sea of people flooded over here." So, this is the culprit!

"Nice to meet you, (y/n)." He has dimples with his smile. What the F! You just smiled at him.

"I'll be leaving you two now. Get to work kids." The two of you laughed then back to the demanding customers. You faced upfront and you saw that the customers are all girls.

They had this weird face in you. Harry take care of the orders while you settle their payments. The girls draw evil looks at you like they're going to eat you alive. 'What did I do?' you told to yourself.

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