Chapter 10: The Past Is The Past

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Tyler's POV

"Why did you become a writer?" Winter asked, typing away on her old fashioned type writer while I sat beside her.

"I'm not sure." I replied honestly, leaning back to better ponder the topic. I always just kinda knew that I wanted to write something, to be proud of something.

"Have you ever had this feeling that you have so much to say and not a clue how to pour it out?" She asked, her fingers starting to slow down.

"Yes." I replied affirmative, knowing that feeling all too well. "My dad was a Harvard Law grad, right from college he went out to get his own firm. He always wanted me to be him, to be like him: but you could guess, going from a Lawyers salary to a English Teachers salary was the breaking point for him. After that, I was cut off."

I didn't even notice how personal I was getting with her until I looked over at her and the absent noise of those type writer keys.

She was looking at me with something. Not like the way Jess had when I told her my story. Jess had a look of pity in her eyes, but Winter looked sort of unfazed. She looked like this wasn't something major, like it was just stage in my life.

Her hand came out and touched my hand, lacing our fingers. "Sorry." She said, those words holding no emotion, but her touch holding more than I could handle.

All of a sudden she retracted her arm, pulling back like a jolt of pain shot up it.

"Shit!" She hissed, rubbing her shoulder as her arm started to twitch and cramp.

I stood up and walked behind her chair, grabbing the hem of her sweatshirt and lifting it up over her head.

I began at the neck, easing out all the knots she had there and trying not to focus on the scars that made her whole left side.

"Y-you can look." She breathed, taking the rest of her sweater off to reveal her tattoo sleeve.

As I looked closer, I noticed that she had deep gash and burn marks on her entire arm too, that had been covered up with a lace tattoo.

"I-I was in a accident." She started, gripping the arms of the chair as she began to recall events. Her knuckles started to turn white.

"A car accident. A semi totaled our car, I survive but-"

He body began to shake and I started to tell her to stop, that I didn't need to know, but she put her hand up to silence me.

"-but my mother didn't." She exhaled the breath I didn't know she held as she continued. "It tore me and my father apart. You see, my father had a lapse in judgement when I was 3, he had an affair which led to Jess being born.

"My mother said the only way she would forgive him if he was there for both families. And he was. Me and Jess grew up together and did everything with each other."

I turned the chair around and scooped her into my arms, gently, I then sat back in her chair holding her in my lap with her feet curled up in her chest.

"After the accident, he abandoned me. He was there long enough for me to be 18 then he got me an apartment and we didn't speak. He stayed with Jess up until now, every so often trying to reach out to me. Forgive me for my bluntness but he chose his mistake over his first born.

"I don't mean to hate Jess, but how else am I supposed to see the situation? He began to drink right after she died, and I had to see him try to sober up. He showed up drunk off his ass at my mothers funeral. He was drunk and I was in a full body cast looking at a 2 year painful recovery that I knew I was going to go through alone.

"At that funeral, that was the day he was no longer my father. He lost his title to that name." She finished, her body now full on shaking as she curled up closer to me.

"I've been a dancer since age 3. A couple weeks ago was the first time I danced since that accident, that funeral I attended was the first time I played since that accident as well. My father wants me to dance at her 10 year memorial but the bastard was barely in his right mind at the funeral. He doesn't deserve to be there, to stand before people and say good words about my mother."

I rocked her, stroking her back softly as she began to cool down and soon fell asleep in my arms.

I wasn't sure what to do now but I knew I could never leave Winter, it was then that I promised myself she would never feel that same abandonment again.

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