🍀Better Conversation Tips🍀

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Wanting to lighten up the atmosphere but ends up making it more akward?

Or wanting to make friends but dun' know how to?

Or maybe you just want to boost your conversation skills but is clueless at it?

Well, have no fret, cuz' this girl over here *(points at myself)* got your back!

I've gathered all important things that makes a difference in conversations.

Don't worry, I know some of you are lazy so I will put it in the most non-understand-able and confusing words.

I'm so evil-

Jk, I used the most simple and easy-to-remember terms.

So let's get into it :


1. Pay attention and listen closely.
This is very crucial. Don't overthink yourself and just pay attention first. There will be a chance on when you can butt-in every now and then (we'll talk about it in step 5).

2. Mind your body language.
Make sure your body language supports your intentions to talk. Don't let yourself look disinterested because it will send signals to the other person that you didn't want to talk.

3. Don't forget to express yourself (honestly and openly).
While it's true that people like to be asked questions, but keeping on asking questions without including yourself can make them feels exposed, threatened even. So, when you ask questions, don't forget to include yourself.

Example :

Do this
"Do you like that type of music? I like it too! Those type of music makes me happy."

Instead of this,
"Do you like that type of music?"

4. Avoid lying and judging.
No one likes to be judged nor lied to.

5. Be a curious little cat 🐈
When you talk to people, they sometimes give clues to what they like, backgrounds, and other things, so make sure to keep an eye for them.

6. Don't be intimidated by silence.
It can gives you time to re-focus on the conversation.

7. Note if the person wants to break the convo.
A good conversationalist knows when to open and close a conversation.

8. Practice.
You can download apps to practice your conversation skills. I recommend to use Bottled as the people there are very polite.


That's pretty much all of it. Easy right?

*(Hairflip)* told you I got your back.

Got any questions?

Feel free to ask if it's you are confused about a point or more ;)

I don't bite,
But I scratch 💅

Lololol, just joking.

So anyway, Tschüss~


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