Ray's side Adventures 1

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Before the major plot continues here's a bunch of short stories involving the main character Ray and other weird characters of the day... Enjoy(it's not filler I swear).

Story 1- save starly
As Ray was strutting along the roads of Gearan feeling accomplished after receiving his starter Pokemon Piplup (AKA Pip), he stumbled upon a blue building called ,"the help center".
Ray entered the building to see people in blue uniforms moving up and down, there was a closed door to the right that seemed important. He moved to the brunette receptionist wearing a blue apron and P cap.

"Hi there. so what exactly is this place?" Ray asked curiously.

"Oh a new trainer! Wonderful! What we do here is accept request from people in need, pin them on the request board next to me, and qualified trainers come here do those jobs for a reward" she answered straightforwardly.

"Oh sounds good!" (The money Nancy gave me is almost gone too) Ray said as he thought of killing 2 Pidoves with 1 stone, helping people out, and getting paid.

"Wonderful just look for a request on the board bring it to me and your all set" the woman said with a wide smile.

Ray walked over to the request board and picked the first one he could find, it was about a girl who got her Pokemon stolen from her and she needed help the fee was low at a rate of P300 but he still took it.
He brought the request to the receptionist and she told him to find the girl at Gearan labs, and so Ray returned.

East Gearan laboratory
Ray walked into the huge building and saw a raven haired little girl wearing a red dress talking to the nurse joy there, he walked over to her and she asked him...

"Are you the one who accepted my request" she said nervously.

Ray nodded and said "Yep?" Full of energy.

The girl sat down with Ray on the waiting area and explained in details about the job.

"I had a Starly, they are pretty rare in Aevium so am extra careful with him... However yesterday when I was taking a walk in Oceana pier, 3 thugs blocked my path and stole Starly.... I.... w...was too scared to fight back..." She began to sob.

Ray stood up and patted her head and she looked up to see him smiling.

"Don't worry I'll get him back for sure" Ray said removing his hand and left the lab for Oceana pier.

Oceana pier
3 suspicious looking grown men were hovering around a small black bird.

"When the hell is boat getting here?!" One of the men with long red dreadlocks shouted.

"Just be patient Rick, besides I doubt the cops are on to us" a cue bald with a blue denim jacket said.

"Hold up!" Ray ran towards them as he headed through the pier gates.

"You just had to open your big mouth huh Mike!" Rick shouted at the bald dude.

"Mmmmmm nmmm" the third thug mumbled at his friends, he wore a black cap and wore torn clothes.

"Shut up Chuck!" Both Rick and Mike snapped at Chuck.

"If you guys are done with this farce, how about handing over that Starly huh?" Ray asked nicely as he put a hand on his backpack.

"Like hell kid! You have to take me on! Rick, leader of the Road bugs!" Rick declared as he sent out two pokeballs from his balls.

Ray quickly checked his pokedex and identified them.
Wimpod(water/bug) a shellfish like bug Pokemon with silver armor and 6 legs.
Grubbin(bug) a bug Pokemon with huge pincers.

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